Secret flow black market site alliance unspoken rules surfaced


Secret flow black market site alliance unspoken rules surfaced

yesterday, Baidu 4 corruption cases disclosed sparked shock, and the website alliance on the interests of the chain of black box operation has been the industry that "unspoken rule". The Baidu self correction, let this shady carefully conceal mentioning surfaced. Involved in advertising, electricity providers in the field of fat mouth, are breeding grounds for corruption, more black market is still hidden in the water.

Baidu internal anti-corruption

The 4 corruption cases

Baidu disclosed on advertising and game distribution business, which is the main source of revenue for Baidu, close to the interests of the natural links for individual and institutional rent-seeking interests to find a natural place, are the most prone to corruption.

The Baidu

initiative to expose and handed over to prosecutors, police officers including the former general manager of Baidu's gaming division Liao Jun, CO head of Wang Qingwei search resources, brand display advertising manager Chen Gang, advertising operations planning department Customer Service Supervisor Lin Hanchao and union development department general manager Ma Guolin.

among them, it is worth noting that Ma Guolin, general manager of Baidu alliance development. Held at the end of May this year the 2014 Baidu Union summit, he disclosed that this year is expected to bring Baidu as a partner of TAC (traffic acquisition costs) into nearly 7 billion yuan. This means that this huge number to his hand.

A person close to

Ma Guolin of Baidu alliance webmaster said: "in fact, Ma Guolin is one of the very good, but in the Baidu alliance as the business sector, in this position, is to hold large amounts of cash, so some are likely to have problems."

in front of a huge temptation, few people can be spared. According to Baidu's occupation ethics committee investigation, Ma Guolin serious discipline and suspected of commercial bribery case. After Baidu report, the public security organs launched a criminal investigation, Ma Guolin has been under criminal detention.

these sources, Ma Guolin alleged commercial bribery case or from its position with partners and alliances through private transactions, cheating and other ways to get more into advertising, or by hand to the shell company to earn the difference. But there is no evidence of any specific insider trading.

and Baidu game division general manager Liao Jun is also a serious violation and commercial bribery case. Currently, the public security organs for criminal investigation Liao Jun, Liao Jun has been approved by the procuratorial organs arrested. As early as in August, Liao Jun has been involved in illegal transactions were taken away from the relevant departments of the investigation, the reasons are basically the same as described above.

Baidu stressed that there is no internal anti-corruption zones and restricted areas, in front of the company's professional ethics and national laws of the high pressure line, no one has no privileges. The investigation of the alleged occupation of 4, commercial bribery major violations of professional ethics, is the work of the workplace environment to evoke a transparent sun.

In addition to

, Baidu display advertising operations planning department Customer Service Manager Lin Hanchao is a serious violation of discipline and occupation case, the head of the search for resources cooperation Baidu