Shanghai police destroyed a large mobile phone WAP pornographic sites


Shanghai police destroyed a large mobile phone WAP pornographic sites

dozens of large mobile phone pornographic sites, and the search frog situation astringent network, frog acerbity web site home for each link, site server located in Shanghai! The fight against Internet pornography "09 sword" special action, Shanghai police found an important clue: a large number of target mobile phone WAP pornographic website......

police lightning attack, sweeping away the color frog peril. Once boasted that the founder of color frog net industry leader Sheng Xisong, west side bars, not contrite.

sword attack raid Trinidad arrest

Since the

"09 sword" action, Shanghai Xin'an departments actively carry out a comprehensive investigation of the WAP mobile phone pornographic websites.

through the "search frog feeling acerbity net", "frog web site home" website source code analysis, found the background to an IP address in Anhui "passion WAP portal" - a large number of mobile phone WAP pornographic website. The site, a large number of pornographic content is not fit to be seen.

, according to preliminary statistics, these websites suspected pornographic pictures of more than 20, more than 30 pornographic documents, pornographic video more than 1000. The number of visits to the site hits hundreds of thousands of dollars, the total number of months to visit the total has exceeded 10 million, the total number of hits has reached hundreds of millions of giant.

combined with external investigation, the police initially identified these sites are Shanghai color frog science and technology information technology company, Anhui Ji Sheng Sheng Xisong personnel Xisong opened a major suspect organization of production and dissemination of pornographic Web crime mobile phone WAP.

in May this year, Shanghai police organization, handling team, Trinidad raid, cracked the Ministry of public security to supervise the handling of the "color frog network" super WAP mobile phone website dissemination of pornographic materials case. Organization, production, dissemination of pornographic web series mobile phone WAP Shanghai color frog information technology company to all members in Anhui Hefei were captured. Shanghai police in Ma'anshan and Shanghai, for the spread of pornographic materials seized 4 servers, crime computer 10, seized 25 bank cards, and a large number of items involved. In June 21st, 7 people were holding Xisong procuratorial organs approved the arrest.

stumbles cause broken bars

"if not jurisprudence, I can have a good life", founded the color frog net Sheng Xisong, in retrospect, recently again repentance.

2005, Sheng Xisong graduated from Anhui University Department of computer. Full of entrepreneurial dreams, he took aim at the phone WAP website. The next two years, Sheng Xisong founded the color frog network in the industry to break the famous "Shanghai color frog Mdt InfoTech Ltd" WAP website for two consecutive years in the national top 20. Although fame rang, but the site does not make money.

to make a profit, Sheng Xisong returned to his hometown of Anhui in Hefei the first day media name registered a number of companies, cover, and then through the development of new mobile phone website system of a company in Anhui. He recruited >

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