nternet advertising new regulations introduced from the search results to Taobao to manage


nternet advertising new regulations introduced from the search results to Taobao to manage

can adhere to the implementation is a good thing, but I feel that I'm looking for information from the advertising point of skill suddenly weakened


"Wei Zexi event" and "Internet pay promotion" to discuss, in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Friday issued the "Interim Measures for the administration of Internet advertising", finally have a clear statement.

may be in order to make up for the absence of the regulation of the industry over the past 7 years, a wide coverage of this new regulation: electricity, search, social media advertising business includes the vast majority of Internet products, are included in the scope of regulation.

in accordance with the new regulations, as long as it is through the Internet media (including web sites, web pages, App, etc.), directly or indirectly to sell goods or services model, that is advertising. From September 1st of this year, these content should bring obvious advertising words, can appear in front of consumers.

, that is to say, including Baidu search results in the "commercial promotion", "mobile phone Taobao treasurer hot today's headlines", "promotion" content, Sina micro-blog some "hot topics", as well as spam often appear in the mailbox, then appear in front of you, will be defined as "advertisement".

after the implementation of the new regulations, the results of the domestic search engine page, it may become more like Google - paid search advertising and natural search results clearly distinguished. As for the medical industry is heavily dependent on pay promotion, the new regulations also said that the relevant goods and services shall not be released without examination; prescription drugs and tobacco advertising is banned.

of course, Baidu and 360 search engine companies, such as the release of the provisions of the first time to stand out to support.

at the same time, the new regulations also control the Internet industry common "traffic hijacking" (such as some common broadband network advertising popups, change the login page), "brush" (using the machine program to increase CTR) and "malicious click" (which is between peers to hurt each other). At least in the field of Internet advertising, these acts will be regarded as unfair competition".

and company, in their own website, intercept rival advertising, but also illegal -- like pea pods after complaints "Baidu mobile phone assistant shielding their products, can be attributed to this column.

from Baidu, Sina, micro-blog to Taobao, after the implementation of the new regulations, more companies should be found in the nature of their advertising to consumers.

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