The ecological construction of Light Company


The ecological construction of Light Company

"eco" word in the Internet industry has long been common, and even some have been used rotten feeling. Ali, music is the most love the ecological hang in the mouth of the two major Internet companies, of course, Tencent, Baidu, millet also have their own eco system, not only love as a PR caliber, to avoid being criticized as imitators. In fact, the Internet industry, the more light the more Internet Co need to have a stable ecosystem.

in the fierce market competition between China and Vietnam light Internet Co need to build more ecological

why do you say the more light the more the need for ecological Internet Co this problem for the time being put aside, we look at other industries. The core of manufacturing industry is to create a flexible and stable flexible supply chain, the supply chain is not a problem for the enterprise can normal production and retail products; you need to focus on more powerful sales channels, sales channels, sales volume is guaranteed; the financial industry is the development rely on the stability of the capital chain operation snowball.

each industry has a chain, the Internet industry also has. Compared with traditional industries, the majority of Internet companies generally belong to light asset companies, and for the light assets of Internet Co, the chain of all walks of life is the ecological chain". The word "ecological" refers to all the sources of nature, living state, and between them and the relationship between it and interlocking between the environment, self circulation ability of ecology is a miracle of nature. Put on the Internet market, to build an ecosystem is to play the ability of the various components of the ecological chain, in order to reduce the pressure on the promotion of Internet Co and more effectively improve the quality of service.

The success of

BAT proved the feasibility of the "Internet Ecological" model

big three domestic Internet have their own eco system, except Ali willing to call themselves ecological, Baidu and Tencent are not willing to say so, but in fact the three obvious similarities, each link in the chain of business contains many outside participants, active participants is one of the the main driving force to promote the development of the big three.

Baidu Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia content is largely contributed by the user, Baidu union traffic into the from the webmaster, behind Baidu platform, there are a large number of developers, of course, the most important is Baidu has been able to attract a large number of advertisers. Ali and Tencent is similar to the situation, the development of these three volume, has formed a stable and huge ecosystem.

BAT, there are a lot of small "ecological" exist

BAT the success of other Internet Co worthy of reference, especially the lighter medium-sized Internet Co, because it had venture crisis and medium-sized enterprises have been stable operation, but to have stronger resistance to the market must have a their own ecological chain. Like the world of nature, ecological forest, the sea and the atmosphere of this size, there are ecological pond, such a small ravine, lawn, the Internet.

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