Enom registrant is serious about domain name security


Enom registrant is serious about domain name security

1:  if the a will be sold to the domain name B and the domain name push to B, turn out the domain name password key Authorization Code    is completely consistent.
How the

    some people think that the domain name will be locked out, temporarily not a big problem, but there is a domain name, out of time, or there will be a theoretical value, not tell in the end is who submitted the transfer. So there is still a certain risk domain.

2   : if a sells a domain name to B. And carried out push.
if if, a has completed the transfer password application and determine the transfer, transfer of state business domain is registered. This time push to B is a domain name of the shell. When B was happy to see the domain name has come to its own flag. Payment to a.     domain name is quietly transferring the Registrar, ran to the other world. How to prevent this vulnerability?

2   the letter seem to transfer valid if a. It didn't bother   PUSH can also come back after receiving PUSH, lock up the domain name on the line
3 floor concern 5..Is it easy to come back after
4 building push? To come back is very simple, and almost 100% of the success of the situation with the lock of the way I would like to be effective in the case of the 2 is to think about the terrible, the use of time difference, ah, ah, I would like to be able to return to the situation of 1! Use of the transfer of the way to register the domain name
5 floor ename.cn whether there is the same problem? After the completion of the transaction is not easy to go back home?
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