Although Uber and Airbnb have been known to all but they are not many users


Although Uber and Airbnb have been known to all but they are not many users

according to the Pew Research Center survey shows that only 15% of the country in the use of Uber, Lyft and other taxi tools. Similarly, only 11% of the people in the country are using Airbnb and VRBO like family sharing services.

data show that, overall, 72% of adults in the United States to use at least one shared or on-demand services, the continuous development of the market allows the user to press the button you can call to a car, eat a meal, or a predetermined travel accommodation, data also shows such as chips, rent clothes, share office services. The Pew Research Center conducted a survey of 4787 American adults.

in addition, the survey shows that these services tend to be younger customers, more disposable capital. Annual household income of 41% people using at least 4-11 service at $100 thousand or more Americans, such as taxi, family sharing, through the Kickstarter and Indiegogo raise public participation in start-up projects and products.


survey did find some contradictions with the purpose of these services. For example, executives at Uber and Lyft often say their goal is to reduce car ownership. However, the Pew Research Center found that 64% of users who regularly use a taxi service have their own cars, while 63% said they drive every day or every week.

the frequent use of taxi service users will use other forms of transport, for example, public transport, bicycle, probably because they have been accustomed to driving, this phenomenon indicates that Uber and Lyft did not reduce the rate of car ownership. However, those who do not use such services have higher car ownership (78%).

takes a family sharing site, for example, to show that travel is a high cost item. Different from the taxi, the median age of housing sharing in the average age of 42 years old, the age of 35-44 years of age, the number of Americans using such software is 18-24 times the age of the age of 2 times. Household income of 75 thousand or more in the United States, and the use of family sharing services, only about 4% of the family income of less than $30 thousand a year in the United states.

when the regulatory issues involved in these services, the survey also showed more interesting results. Taxi service companies and family sharing services have been involved in the public struggle with the government and other regulatory authorities. Last year, Airbnb spent $8 million in San Francisco into a "struggle" because of the introduction of more stringent regulations on short-term tenants San Francisco. Uber and Lyft are also facing multiple pressures from the government and the public.

anyway, people's awareness of these services is changing. More than half of the young people in the United States have learned about taxi service

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