91 finance Wu Wenxiong PO material has been submitted or select A shares listed


91 finance Wu Wenxiong PO material has been submitted or select A shares listed

text / Sohu IT Yang Shufang

Sohu IT exclusive interview with 91 financial co-founder Wu Wenxiong. Wu Wenxiong shared the next series of 91 financial arrangements, roughly as follows:

1.IPO has entered the implementation phase. 91 finance has submitted relevant materials. The second round of financing will be the leading side of Haitong Securities will be its future listing consultant and underwriters.

2 has opened the first line under the store. After the establishment of branch offices in major cities, the establishment of stores, while working with Haitong Securities across the board, the establishment of more than 400 outlets in the sea service area, forming a closed loop O2O. Conduct business and personal services locally.

3 equity products have been built. The first step is the cooperation and information management, by the information management for enterprise asset securitization, with 91 financial management, has been in the Taihang and information management, Haitong Securities Information Management Company, which will become an important business of 91 financial future; the second step is the 91 financial establishment of small loan companies through the 91 financial financing enterprise assets securitization, has now been in the application of the small loan license, all entity network services will bring massive resources for this part. The assets that can be operated by securitization include corporate notes, real estate, income claims, 3-5.

4 is a common and boshijijin preparatory class balance of financial products treasure, to provide the corresponding investment group, to further enrich the investment category.

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