Subtitle group era ended interest in the final battle against the capital


Subtitle group era ended interest in the final battle against the capital

passion, interest, sharing, and ultimately resist the rules, business and capital.


everyone film and television reopened. Two weeks ago to see all the film and television network and the shooter was closed, I am quite a sigh of relief (the news is close to the titanium media reports, "break off. I graduated from the University of the first job in Yeeyan, do things with subscene Yeeyan is very similar: to build a platform, through to stimulate the user's interest and enthusiasm, to put it nicely, "share the spirit" based on the introduction of excellent content to Chinese Internet, short information and information highland depression the gap.

First saw Yeeyan mission

seven or eight years ago, is very impressed the students as me. Zhang Lei, one of the founders, wrote: "at the beginning of last century, as a way to save the country, the translation of the translation, the information age of today, the content of Chinese and foreign language content, there is still a huge gap in the quality and quantity of. Let us through their own efforts to narrow the gap, so that the Chinese Internet has more valuable content." It now appears that the "Liang Qichao", "save the country" this word is a bit heavy, too much of their own thing a little bit, but the rest of the application is still applicable now.

and I am from a first operation to change the role of community writer role later, and through reading and translation of a foreign company quality content have a great relationship. The role of the shooter is similar: by building a platform to download subtitles for all (foreign language is not very good) fans, documentary enthusiasts to provide a wide field of vision window.

subscene and Yeeyan another common point is that they have been free in the gray area. When most of the content from the translation translates the word "Time" (the "Time" is also very fire, now almost can not see how many people refer to it), "New York Times", "New York", "the economist, FT, where the shooter network provides subtitles to the copyright film industry more stringent what. Strictly speaking, the right of translation is part of the copyright. Although no one came up to trouble (not through the content of profit), but the fear of infringement, has been.

The development of Internet Chinese in subsequent years of

, is a process to gradually from the barefoot shoes. Mr. Wei Wuhui is talking about the domestic Internet copyright issues, cited a typical example (see the previous article "titanium media copyright game: the existing copyright system to be changed," Creative Commons "is the future") to illustrate this problem:

September 2009, Chinese network video anti piracy Alliance launched in Beijing, the alliance members are mainly Sohu, excited and excellent friends Bullock launched joint 100 right, the main object is to charge Youku, potatoes and other video sites, Sohu and even started to Youku claims 50 million to 100 million yuan.

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