The National Lottery Center never said net sales of lottery illegal


The National Lottery Center never said net sales of lottery illegal


technology news May 8th morning news, according to the Ministry of civil affairs in charge of "public good times" the news, call the State General Administration of Sport Lottery Management Center was informed that at present, 500 lottery network and Chinese SMG network sales pilot qualification has not changed.

although the pilot does not belong to the official lottery sales license, but that the lottery sales practices of the two sites is still legal.

yesterday the media published the news, two lottery lottery center did not authorize any website or online sales of lottery agency business, all online sales of lottery industry are illegal violations.

, it is understood that the State Administration of sports lottery management center responsible person has made it clear that the recent center did not accept any interview with the print media.

that evening, to coincide with the 500 lottery network released 2014 first quarter earnings, earnings data show that 500 lottery net first quarter net income of 89 million 800 thousand yuan, an increase of 127.3% over last year's 39 million 500 thousand yuan. Total sales of about 1 billion 50 million yuan, an increase of $540 million over the same period last year, 95.4% yuan.

although the performance is good, but affected by the day of the news, 500 lottery net stock price still suffered setbacks, to close down 15.05%.

is also affected by this news, as of 7 closing, the domestic Internet lottery collective sell stocks, the decline in the Shanghai and Shenzhen A shares decline in the forefront, including Hongbo shares, Gao Hong shares, Guangdong Media fell more than 9%.

500 lottery network on the day of the earnings release, also made it clear that have the legal qualification, in September 29, 2012, the Ministry of finance "on the pilot Internet sales of sports lottery related work notice", has agreed to sports lottery lottery operations management limited, Shenzhen yixunsky Network Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out the business of Internet sports lottery sales agent. Mentioned in the notification Shenzhen yixunsky Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a registered 500 lottery network and operating companies.

the company believes that the relevant government departments have been actively and steadily promote the management of the Internet lottery industry, the recent positive signal has been released. The government departments and the news media for the industry's attention, will enable all practitioners to get more healthy development space, but also the development of the industry as a whole has a positive effect. Extended reading:

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