2009 Jiangxi annual meeting held in Nanchang in December 12th


2009 Jiangxi annual meeting held in Nanchang in December 12th

station network December 13th news conference and the 2009 Jiangxi station Jiangxi Internet Forum held in December 12th in Jiangxi Nanchang Weike Hotel, the conference and the webmaster Club sponsored Jiangxi webmaster alliance and Yanhuang network contractors, Jiangxi information port, zhulang software company, Admin5 station network, the 076 network game Co.

the theme of the conference is "looking for the site of the profit, the exchange of individual stationmaster operation experience, gathered from love, Jijun Guo starry piano nets Ceng Jigui, QVOD Yan Dacai, Chinese online Guan Peng, Baidu union Wang Fang, the Li Jian, Zhang Xiang, Chen Guoqiang, webmasters Comsenz circle nets and other guests attended the music week this meeting, this is unprecedented, in Jiangxi province and the other parts of more than 400 owners participated in the meeting.


conference agenda by morning the club owners and local owners discussed vertical community marketing of the road, in the afternoon of the agenda, share the promotion methods the city circle network city circle network music week and everyone, including viral marketing and promotion of the long QQ group still have important reference meaning. The station to station campaign, to borrow "view everyone agreed. The starry piano nets Ceng Jigui and we introduced the starry piano nets is how to do the first piano industry, including word of mouth, soft article and cooperation with the business activities is the vertical industry portal magic to win. Link operation at the local station in Jiangxi, the stationmaster alliance Shen Yuqing, Li Jian, Zhou Yue, Nanchang city circle network president Li Hua, led the Youth Chamber of Commerce Internet Specialized Committee Tiannan technology general manager Fan Qisheng local website promotion, operation, profitability and the BLOCKOUTS hot topic discussion. In the website profit promotion road link, Chinese online, Guo Jijun, Guan Peng Chongqing slipped Admin5 webmaster Chen Guoqiang, six win League branch, often starry piano nets promotion website Ceng Jigui the topic the firm, share their years of experience in the promotion of Web site operators and owners.

The wonderful speech

guests, humorous story sharing, won the applause of all owners, the conference was involved in the webmaster alike, many webmaster said learned a lot of useful website promotion methods to superiors and experts in the future network station operation of great help. At 17:20 PM, the meeting is over.



today as the network Li Jian delivered a speech


starry piano nets Ceng Jigui speech


city circle network music week speech


participants webmaster


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