One week news review WeChat will be charged fee Apple Pay China Online


One week news review WeChat will be charged fee Apple Pay China Online

the new year after the first day of rest is coming quietly, over the past week, WeChat will receive cash fee announcement made even the banks raise a Babel of criticism of, out of innocence. Apple Pay Chinese line area, is to let Alipay WeChat on tenterhooks.

1 loan treasure was reported in the name of the name of the ants in the name of gold to mislead the user

often questioned the lending treasure on the first day after the Spring Festival once again pushed to the opinion in the teeth of the storm. In the "Beijing nine tertiary" report Jiuding investment and borrowing treasure event just corpuscles soon, yesterday evening, the ant gold service issued a statement on its official micro-blog said the recent network spread sign money speech, Alibaba name group under the banner of "borrowing treasure" to promote new business, misleading customers. Although the loan treasure responded that personal marketing behavior, but radical and misleading marketing means that many people believe that their management needs to be improved.

ant gold service micro-blog report

yesterday evening, the ant said in a statement on gold suit micro-blog said the recent network spread "boring micro earned, boring micro earn coins, daily attendance administrative micro-blog and other micro signal spread in money speech, called" to promote new business lending platform treasure under the name of Mr. Ma Yun and the Alibaba group ants, gold clothing group banner, seriously mislead users, harm the interests of consumers, and harm the healthy order of Internet finance.

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loan treasure was reported in the name of the name of the ants to use gold to mislead the user  

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2 hours before delivery service has become the biggest bottleneck hindering the development of takeaway?

"two hours to go, we should forgive them, or will you choose?" at first glance this problem, most people may think value brother will not forgive, but now takeaway the status of the development of O2O analysis, this phenomenon is not accidental phenomenon. The reason may be many, this is the 2016 takeaway O2O, sounded an alarm, but not what platform or braided ecology, is the layout of those tall on the distribution of good story, the most urgent needs of users, is the fundamental condition to survive.

up to two hours of delivery time is difficult to accept

first of all, the article at the beginning of the problem clearly. The problem stems from the real thing that happened to the value of his brother: last night at 8 o 'clock, the value of his brother in the United States on a reservation to take out, can be called "05

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