ntelligent machine fiasco Amazon can rely on Echo to build hardware entrance


ntelligent machine fiasco Amazon can rely on Echo to build hardware entrance

[Abstract] as a speaker, Amazon Echo sound quality in general, and as a voice assistant, Echo lack of core applications.


Tencent technology Xu Anna reported on December 7th

in June this year, Amazon launched the first smartphone Fire Phone. Half a year later, Fire Phone sales are very bleak, at the end of the third quarter that Amazon has accumulated a total of about $83 million in stock, a direct result of its writedowns of $170 million, which is related to that of the total failure in the Amazon, but Amazon CEO Geoff · Bezos is a continuation of the style, pay attention to the long-term interests of the strategy, willing to take the big risk to test.

this Tuesday, sponsored by the Business Insider Ignition's annual meeting in 2014, Bezos said, now that the Fire Phone is also for the premature failure. It is still in its infancy, the need to update countless iterations.

Bezos believes that even failure is not so important, it is important that the company will give up the test because of failure. He stressed the importance of taking risks: "if you dare to take big risks to test, you may not be able to predict the outcome, after all, the test itself risk prone to failure, even if only a few tests can be successful enough to compensate for the losses caused by the failure of dozens of times."

Bezos joked that he was in the Amazon, because of the courage to try, dare to experiment, dare to embrace failure, and the return of up to billions of dollars." Indeed, in the Amazon early auction business and Zshops business listings business as an example, the beginning of this idea won't work, but many times after the test, gave birth to the third party seller platform, and now these businesses accounted for 40% of the total revenue. In addition, Amazon AWS cloud platform, Kindle also has a similar story.

Fire Phone two killer are insufficient to capture the heart of the user


said that Fire should be Phone configuration performance is not bad, big screen, high-definition camera, 3D, Firefly, Mayday and so on the dynamic perspective, the two major killers of the most flattering mace is 3D dynamic perspective and Firefly function. But why is this the two killer failed to hold the heart of the user


1) dynamic perspective 3D Technology: gimmick or utility?

the technology of the naked eye 3D effect mainly through the four front camera to achieve the four small lens as long as there is any two started to grab the best head to move the camera and display an object from different angles picture.

technology is cool, it is worthy of recognition, especially in the homogenization of smart phones more and more serious today, this is a very good attempt to form a difference. However, according to the dynamic perspective 3D game user experience

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