Spicy comments the first video is wronged you really wrong


Spicy comments the first video is wronged you really wrong

the coming of the scourge, every Chinese are worried, as head of the US, the same attention every day in the network, and the disaster area, making every little love people are generous.

Admin5, the laggards, and across the webmaster, will own the best place to take out public welfare publicity, and for many small owners, the best position for sina on the earthquake, the Tencent on the earthquake, because they know that in the face of natural disasters, selfless solidarity is the most important.

Wait until the

disaster tends to be stable, why the webmaster nets suddenly appeared a large number of attacks the first video advertising alliance remarks? Because during the earthquake disaster, the first video actually had a large number of public service ads, which address connection, not the Red Cross, but the first video to their web page


a lot of webmasters have said: usually a lot of public service advertising, I did not expect the first video will use the disaster, the flow will be imported into their own website, and a large number of interception belongs to the owner's income

is the first video very grievance: "patriotic, you know, to be patriotic, we import traffic, we show that public service ads, the terms of which are written very clearly, the public service advertising is not paid, over the terms is to accept public service ads, do not accept, is not patriotic!"

a patriotic and patriotic, personal heart knows

Wang to sell advertising to raise money, called in the beginning is not understood, out of the fish hanging PSAs, low-key donations, has also been scolded, everyone loves not patriotic, not to others backseat driver, owners of donations to the disaster area is a personal act, but does not mean that will accept you are at the mercy of the first video.

if you have ads, the address of the connection is Sina, Sohu, Tencent, the Red Cross, xinhuanet.com, OK, who will attack you? Unfortunately, the topic page address is the first video itself.

two. Address and content are disaster relief, why should be scolded?

when the first video flow oriented topics, flow is actually concerned about the disaster thousands on thousands of users, one by one they join in the website advertising, entered into the first video, the video for the first brand, publicity, promotion, flow, influence, indelible promotion.

even the horse now rose to 100 yuan /IP, what it really is for the public traffic? If it is for the public, why not directly connected to the Red Cross website, the first video collection not right, not approved two national news agency news release platform, why should guide traffic to their its a good listener?, called propaganda disaster, said bluntly, is to send the national wealth, earn traffic disaster.

1000 to join the station, each station a day to import 100IP, the first video to earn 100 thousand IP every day, although these huge amounts of traffic is not too much commercial value, but

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