New media blue book website China last year a total of 1 million 910 thousand


New media blue book website China last year a total of 1 million 910 thousand

Chinese new media development report released today

China Academy of Social Sciences "(2011)" pointed out that in 2010 China Internet web site, a total of 1 million 910 thousand years of sustained and rapid development has greatly enhanced the popularity of new media Chinese rate, new media almost omnipresent to Chinese people brought unimaginable convenience, but also caused it is hard to foresee problems hitherto unknown. To strengthen the legislation and government management to promote the orderly development of new media, has become the consensus of all countries.

in recent years, our country always adhere to the basic position in the development of norms in the development of new media, based on the maintenance of national security, protection of citizens' privacy rights and intellectual property rights, protect the healthy order of the new media industry to promote the sustainable development of the new media. In June 8, 2010, the Information Office of the State Council issued a "white paper Chinese Internet condition" in the preface, clearly put forward the "active use, scientific development, according to management, to ensure the safety of Chinese is a basic policy of government." This is the first time since 1994, the Chinese government formally access the Internet in the form of white paper to clarify China's Internet policy.

total number of Chinese Internet sites in 2010 was 1 million 910 thousand, compared with 2009, a decrease of 1 million 320 thousand in the 3 million 230 thousand. This is the first annual decline in the total number of Internet sites in China, and a decline of 41%. At the same time a significant decline in the number of sites, in 2010 the number of Chinese web pages reached 60 billion, an increase of more than in 2009 of 78.6%. Enough to show that China's rapid development of the Internet in the increasingly standardized. Overall, in 2010, in China's social life in various fields, the positive role of new media has been far stronger than the negative impact. China's ability to solve new media problems in the development of new media in the continuous improvement of the new media, the order and standardization are increasing.


60 million micro-blog fire under the "virtual heat"

for micro-blog, the blue book pointed out: "hot Sheng under fire". The number of micro-blog sites in mainland China grew from 17 in January 2010 to more than 60 million in micro-blog in the same year in December, with more than 88 users. Micro-blog in the media of public opinion, organization and mobilization of powerful, however, the excessive consumption of commercial marketing and media led to micro-blog's "virtual heat". Blue paper pointed out that the rational treatment of micro-blog, micro-blog to become truly "good stuff".

50% to

half of Internet users use social networking sites

on social networking sites, Blue Book noted that the experience of the 2009 "hot" after 2010, China social networking sites continue to maintain strong growth momentum in the size of the user, but the website number began to adjust. 2010, China's social networking site users reached 235 million, an increase of more than 60 million in 2009, the current utilization rate of more than 50%, more than half of Chinese Internet users use social networking sites.

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