Alipay nternet detective embarrassed


Alipay nternet detective embarrassed

first, the national game? Farce?

New Year's Eve, 22:18, WeChat circle of friends again by Alipay and a scraper, brush is round.


first round: "five set points to 1.08", "drunk, actually 3.8" go to sleep, and then, oh no...... Tease chicken"...... A full screen is dumbfounding, self deprecating oh.

second round: "I got 666!" "I got 2 hundred million!" "I got Ma Yun!" "I got a suite of Beijing!" in the view of all P people with self deprecating nausea oh.

third round: "Hello everyone, I am crown china." "Let's play next year?" "I can kneel up?" and the first generation of new Chinese almost the same diplomat Alipay product manager, "the person" please a new height, sell sell adorable new realm.

plus Xi "not pie in the sky" video crazy pass, Durex's "fill knife" and Alipay's "dirty back", this almost again lead to public relations crisis in five activities, finally to the people loved the form to pull up the curtain.

in the sense that people really "wronged" alipay. From January 13th, Alipay, "wrote his plane to fill the pit with tears" and said, "this year we don't do it", as if she had foreseen in five activities will be the second time remind people of great expectations, also see after the huge drop and disappointment.

"we don't deliberately create any FocA scarce" and "enhance the interest, reducing the threshold, try to make everyone happiness within". "Then I have a colleague called" the Guanhua said: "200 million yuan by billions of people randomly, how do I do so weak knees" and then add 20 million 170 thousand new year's Eve wannengfu......

but useful? Alipay beyond dispute, because the stampede in the majority of Internet users are dedicated to grab Fu do not buy it, tweets where they have time to read the others are looking at Alipay full of silently conveyed tenderness, in the sweep, then rushed up.

our people, what do you say?...... The side force full forwarding Feng Dahui "set FocA are harvesting groups", while watching the others are sweeping Fu, oneself also secretly sweep heart itch to play, while smoking to a few a few hair 8 hearts ten thousand head running over the side of horse, to p 666, 2 hundred million, Beijing a suite of sick people out, this is a good state, kuzhongzuole group. In the face of "the mob", even if he could reduce the threshold of Alipay game (you exhaust all the skills don't cost much time), while trying to reduce the expected (in fact, a few dollars), will still inevitably be disappointed once flooded. If Alipay is to blame, blame myself only 16 year too hard and that "fall out" high expectations has been engraved in the hearts of the people, not for a long time.

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