Today’s headlines financing by the media campaign response to copyright and valuation question


Today’s headlines financing by the media campaign response to copyright and valuation question

DoNews June 5th news news client today's headlines after the announcement of the completion of a new round of high finance, suffered a number of media and legal experts questioned its collective siege, violations of copyright. In this regard, today's headlines official cooperation from the content, for the diversion of media and other aspects of the response and description, denied the existence of infringement.

today's headlines responsible person said, the first and only online media cooperation, and cooperation with the search engine robots agreement, as of now and thousands of media sites, portals, vertical sites emerging network community, as well as from the media to achieve cooperation.

secondly, today's headlines is the mobile end of the open reading applications, and PC side navigation website, search engine is similar, do not modify the content of the web page, do not show their advertising. To complete the site page to the user, including the web site, advertising, brand, download links, WeChat public account, etc.. In the case of stable partner server (because the user is too big, cooperative website appeared several times, the user downtime) was a complete redirection to partner sites, every day can bring millions of users access to many partner sites.

today's headlines as a mobile APP client software, is not the creator of the content itself, but as well as finishing and forwarding the day's headlines famous. In the field of copyright law, forward the work of others should pay, which is well known in legal knowledge, but this software has no respect for the rights of copyright holders at least? Today's headlines slogan is "we do not produce news, we are news Porter, but in fact, its handling is not only news. Is the copyright. The so-called news Porter, conceals the facts of infringement.

has many media said that although today's headlines content publishing form and other clients compared to some special, the more links to other web content form, rather than directly reproduced works of others. But this way of publishing news information through the link not only can not form an effective defense, but also a typical tort.

first, today's headlines show the news is not direct users to use search engines to search accuracy, but the APP in advance through the collation of information, classification, and big data ranking algorithm, "two processing" news. This way of presenting the news through the behavior of the operators is a typical tort in the field of copyright law.

second, by today's headlines search show to the user information in the network copyright law known as "deep links, namely the link object home is not a party, and to achieve the ultimate goal of two or three level path following, while eliminating the user the trouble of repeatedly find news, but also touched the copyright law of tolerance the bottom line. Deep link case years ago has been established by the European Court of justice in our country in recent years, there are such cases?

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