The first Chinese women’s online shopping alliance marketing conference will be held


The first Chinese women’s online shopping alliance marketing conference will be held

first Chinese women's online shopping alliance marketing conference will be held on July 22, 2011, in Shanghai, Lujiazui International Conference center. The conference is sponsored by the League of women online shopping leader dream bazaar, together with sina, NetEase, iResearch, China stationmaster net, CNZZ, Shanghai chamber of Commerce and other industry leading partners. The conference will bring together small station groups, business groups, business portals, venture capitalists, and discuss the "she" the era of e-commerce and the development trend of network marketing strategy, there will be many Associated Media such as Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu, Youku, reported the event.

women's online shopping Alliance - her era of win-win development

according to professional market research firm iResearch data show that women have become the most active in the field of e-commerce in the Internet crowd, with increasing purchasing power. Women's online shopping will become the biggest piece of cake in the field of e-commerce, how to seize the hearts of women become the common goal of many electricity providers website.

2010, women's fashion online shopping brand "dream bazaar" to create China's first female online shopping alliance, after more than a year of development, at the site of CPS is divided into areas of cooperation, dream bazaar network alliance has become the leading brand in the shop at the same time B2C network alliance; distribution franchise cooperation, dream bazaar is the preferred B2C partner network.

Chinese e-commerce market is still in rapid growth, and with the "all in her era, online shopping and online shopping giant female alliance focused on female consumer market will also get more space for development.

market environment gave birth to the first Chinese women's online shopping alliance marketing conference

in her era, with the advancement of women in the workplace and family status, the future of the consumer market will be largely in the hands of women. What's more, women can not only decide how to spend their own money, but also have an important influence on how to spend their family income. Is the market in such a background, the female leader of the online shopping alliance dream bazaar organized the first decisive alliance led Chinese women online shopping alliance marketing conference.

the meeting will be on July 22, 2011 (Friday) held at the Shanghai International Conference Center in Lujiazui, there will be many well-known industry professionals to share their valuable experience, including the Jinsha River venture capital fund partner Zhu Xiaohu, Jason Jiang and other Focus Media CEO will deliver a speech at 18:00 after the end of the meeting, the guests will attend a tour in Pujiang, Shanghai a a beautiful night view of the Bund.

address: Shanghai, 2727 Binjiang Avenue, Shanghai International Convention Center, building 5, Changjiang hall,

meeting time: July 22, 2011 13:30--18:00

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