Sounds of China website recruit Miss broadcast pornographic novels were closed


Sounds of China website recruit Miss broadcast pornographic novels were closed

morning news March 20th news broadcast by recruiting Miss diversity recording pornographic novel, and then uploaded to the website, to lure Internet users pay to download and listen to the site - at the request of general manager, "China visits beautiful" website on audio information website quickly climbed to the first in the world, of which more than 50 registered members, membership fees more than 3 people. Suspicion of making obscene articles, general manager of Miss Ma Gongmou and broadcast a 4 people been arrested prosecutors, which is also the country's first Internet making dissemination of pornographic audio electronic information.

at the beginning of February, Shanghai police found "beautiful Chinese" site dedicated to the creation of the "beautiful original - Nocturne" column, to charge into the way the organization provide users suspected pornographic audio information, and through the membership fee dissemination of obscene electronic information. As of February 10th, the police found visits in the professional website on the Alexa rankings, "beautiful China" in the audio information website ranked first in the world, more than 50 registered members, membership fees of more than 3 people, of which the mobile phone recharge membership of more than 2 people, Beijing, Shanghai, users across Guangdong, Zhejiang and other major cities and even overseas area.

on the site 7521 of nearly 2 million sets of audio data after the screening, the police found 17 of 953 sets of audio files is suspected of obscene electronic information, and click on the number has reached more than 200 times the number of downloads, has reached more than 26 times, illegal profits more than 4 yuan.

it is understood that, before 2008, sounding China has received $500 thousand investment. Due to poor operating conditions at the beginning of 2008, the general manager responsible for Zhang Gongmou inspired technology provided on the website of pornographic audio to improve website popularity, increase fee income.

In addition to the

online collection of pornographic information, the company at the price of 40 yuan per hour to recruit 23 year old broadcasting Miss Ma, has recorded "Jinlin chizhongwu" or is, "auspicious", "white woman", between heaven and earth "Gao Shusan sisters" and a number of series of pornographic audio power sub information. According to an account of the horse, she graduated from a school of music, has recorded more than and 400 sets of audio on February 27th, police arrested.


                                                      the world's first audio data site suspected of spreading pornographic information business

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