P2P net loan filing guidelines landing filing is a telecommunications license and bank depository pr


P2P net loan filing guidelines landing filing is a telecommunications license and bank depository pr

P2P network lending filing system management guidelines to come out of time and again.

November 28th, surging news learned from the China Banking Regulatory Commission, China CBRC, the Ministry of industry and information technology, industry and Commerce Administration jointly issued the "network information intermediary lending registration management guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the "guidelines"), the establishment of new P2P net loan platform in the completed business registration within 10 days, must go to the local financial supervision department with the registration, and has been operating platform according to the arrangement of nationwide P2P network lending risk special rectification work, to complete the classification disposal after the application for registration in the country.

this is the August 24th "business activity management information network lending agency Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures") issued after 3 months since the first specific guidance documents, the implementation of the P2P management process and the threshold of the filing system.

Why should


early in the P2P net loan regulations is the "Interim Measures" article fifth clearly stipulates that the P2P network lending filing system management, "to carry out the network lending information intermediary service network information intermediary lending institutions and their branches shall, after receiving its business license, within 10 working days to bring relevant materials to the industrial and commercial registration registered local financial supervision departments for registration." In the interim measures before the introduction of the industry is one of the speculation P2P license management.

Li Junfeng, director general of the China Banking Regulatory Commission

was explained, the licensing is a kind of access management, license management, we have many barriers, many conditions you can enter the door. Record management is not a prerequisite for the record, without conditions, if a lot of conditions permit, we call the glass door, spring door, we take the registration, we now state is basically in accordance with the idea of decentralization of the record management, mainly to solve the net lending institutions complete data, rather than the threshold level, we have no capital restrictions, no limit of executives, shareholders no restrictions, but the record must have the necessary information and procedures."

Li Junfeng also said that the platform to the local finance office for registration and communication departments obtain value-added telecommunications business license "chicken and egg" the answer is: first, for the record, and license. In other words, P2P registration is a pre condition.

CBRC also said the same day, will be introduced in the near future funds depository, information disclosure, filing guidelines. But until November 28th, the official deposit management, information disclosure guidelines have not yet available. It is worth noting that the Interim Measures reserved for P2P rectification period of 12 months, there are still left for 9 months.

who needs to file?

P2P old and new institutions need to record.

"guidelines" provides that the newly established network lending information intermediary services network lending information intermediaries and their branches should be in the business

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