Bitcoin domestic trading platform open fee or increase revenue


Bitcoin domestic trading platform open fee or increase revenue

this may be the most serious challenge of virtual currency in china.

following the December 5th central bank and other five ministries issued "notice about bitcoin risk prevention" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") after December 16th, the central bank interviewed a number of third party payment company responsible person, shall give clear requirements and other virtual currency bitcoin trading site to provide payment and settlement services. Then, bitcoin China, OKcoin and other trading platform announced the closure of third party payment channels.

a stone arouses thousand layer wave. December 18th evening, bitcoin transaction price of the lowest reported at 2011 yuan, the price fell more than 60% within two days. At the same time, Wright coins, gold coins, coins and other copycat fortune currency trading prices plummeted.

is worth mentioning is that the bitcoin virtual currency such as the crash of 18 days, the official website of the central bank in the afternoon one hour more than 4 points in the official micro-blog also cannot access, the influx of a large number of Navy, suspected of being a bitcoin game player attack.

central bank halted third party payment agencies help to make the market return to reason." Luo Mingxiong, vice president of soft exchange in the China business reporter, said, but it also allows the latter bitcoin transaction costs increase in China, the future policy risks remain."

domestic payment for closure of

December 16th, the central bank held a forum by the people's Bank of China Zhou Jinhuang, deputy director of the Department of payment and settlement. The meeting interviewed several banks, caifutong and other responsible persons require banks, Payment institutions can not give bitcoin, Wright currency and other trading sites to provide payment and settlement services. For the occurrence of Business Payment institutions, to lift business cooperation for the stock of money to be completed before the Spring Festival, after which no new payment business.

In addition, the central bank requires the payment agency to immediately shut down bitcoin transactions new businesses, but also to investigate its similar currency such as Wright currency

. It is understood that if the payment agencies do not do the above requirements of the central bank, will be punished in accordance with the anti money laundering standards.

reporter learned that, at the meeting, the relevant payment agencies also made a clear statement on the requirements of the central bank. And then, the third party payment agencies also respond quickly.

Alipay official announced that Alipay did not through official channels and bitcoin traders worked, if investors bitcoin trading channels for Alipay, there may be a greater risk of personal accounts.

and as the country's second largest online payment platform, Tencent money paid through the previous support bitcoin China and OKcoin two trading platform, users can pay through the real estate recharge. However, after the meeting of the central bank, the money paid to stop the above business.

, the reporter found that although the caifutong was blocked, but as of the morning of December 18th, the two trading platform are still able to support - >

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