Microsoft will abandon Windows Live brand domain tragedy


Microsoft will abandon Windows Live brand domain tragedy

    renamed China ( May 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, the integration of various Internet service version of the Windows8 system, Microsoft plans to give up before the Windows Live independent brand, "Live" domain of concern.

Whois information that the domain were first took the protection of Microsoft Corp registered in 1994, the domain name for Microsoft Corp holds, domain name is Microsoft Windows Live official website, in 2003 registered CN domain jump to the login page.


figure: website page

Windows Live the other, has also been related to the domain name domain name protection Microsoft Corp, currently domain jump to a login interface, domain name registration in 2003, with 9 years of registration time.  

Imagine the Microsoft

, the Live over the Internet application services, will be fully integrated into the Windows8 operating system, will allow users to use a unified "Microsoft account" (Microsoft Account), automatic login e-mail, instant messaging tools, photo sharing and other products online.

is reported that in the next few months, Microsoft will adjust the product, "Windows Live" will disappear from the name of the product. As for the brand domain name, its impact is also large, domain name awareness or decline, but it is undeniable that the value of domain is very high.

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