Since the media giants who are still playing Why choose Sohu preferred


Since the media giants who are still playing Why choose Sohu preferred


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2014 will be a key year since the media industry. At the end of the year, the major giants in the media have expressed. Baidu recently launched a hundred from the media platform, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, 360, Tencent also has the relevant actions, which, Sohu from the media layout, the most radical. Sohu World Conference on the launch of the Sohu announced the news client 5 kinds of advertising model, there are two closely related to the media: from the media interactive marketing advertising and media from the original advertising system.

Sohu is the biggest driving force from the media: name, profit, resources, multi pronged

as early as six months ago, Sohu will be invited from the media settled. Since the media in the Sohu new media platform to upload the article, the editor can be published in the news client after the review, subscribe to the media from the user can read, interactive. Sohu support from the media generally have the following ways:

1, from the media to help form a rich content, beyond the text. For example the production of "three tables Longmen", "the near future" from the media programs, which avoid from the media and columnist equate, but also solve the creation of good content resources needed to support. Among them, three in an advertising sales share of 150 thousand yuan advertising.

2, both inside and outside the positive Embrace from the media, giving the opportunity. On the inside, from the media pioneer Pan Yuefei has been dug to the Sohu as IT mobile editor, "eight" by the Sohu internal staff operation; foreign, Zhang Zhaoyang comeback, Sogou soso merger and other major events were given from the media event center close to chance. Zhang Zhaoyang himself is also a reader from the media.

3, multi service, multi-channel collaborative support, not limited to news client. In the portal, video and other services, on the PC side, App and mobile WAP site, Sohu gives full exposure and channel support from the media to help enhance the influence from the media.

why Sohu love from the media, gene anastomosis, strategic layout and business needs

gene: anastomosis in everybody could not see this from the media industry, the Sohu will stand behind the development from the media, perhaps with media related genes. Sohu is one of the three old portals, but also the most radical open pioneer. This is consistent with the media Explorer temperament. Set rock, art, adventure in a Zhang Zhaoyang, but also a few chiefs of the most personal. The "personality" is the core of the label from the media.

strategic layout: Zhang Zhaoyang comeback, Sohu in the mobile era is a clear strategy of walking on two legs: Video + mobile. Sogou, independent development of the game, stocking mode.

supports the need for more media or mobile strategy. The main mobile news client, news client positioning media group, the introduction of third party content, UGC. In addition to the third traditional media (paper) and network media (station), there are a lot of good content from the "folk"

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