Kun Peng Theory apple for the first time in 15 years there are more serious problems behind the dec


Kun Peng Theory apple for the first time in 15 years there are more serious problems behind the dec


January 10, 2007, apple officially released the first apple smartphone iPhone conference in MacWorld. Of course, we have now accepted the touch screen, mobile phone bar, but at the time, iPhone and iPhone mainstream mobile phone misfits, no keyboard, can not replace the battery, but also expensive scary, it was considered very unbelievable, many mobile phone manufacturers stand out laughing at Apple, Jobs laughed at. The most famous is to say that when he was Microsoft CEO Steve ·, in his 2007 interview with the United States today, said iPhone did not have the opportunity to get a large market share, there is no chance. It was a $500 subsidy, and they made a lot of money. But if you really look at the 1 billion 300 million mobile phones sold, I believe that our software accounted for a market share of 60% or 70%, or I think apple can only get a market share of 2% to 3%.". At that time, NOKIA, blackberry, etc. are also come out to join the ranks of ridicule iPhone.

in the past 10 years, iPhone not only play loud all the people laughed at his face, when the great mobile phone brand NOKIA, Motorola has even several owners, BlackBerry has been marginalized, iPhone has accounted for half of the country's mobile phone market, the 2016 fiscal year Apple sold a total of 212 million iPhone, occupied by the company 63% of the total revenue. IPhone's success will be the highest market capitalization of Apple Corp to 774 billion, also became the first trillion market value of strong competitors, many people optimistic about the future of Apple Corp. Then, apple handed down a performance report.

for the first time in 15 years, the results fell


for a business, especially the annual revenues of more than $200 billion in terms of business, the occasional decline in performance is not surprising, but everyone seems to be very interested in Apple's decline seems very interested. This is Apple's first performance decline in 15 years. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that by the end of 2016 Apple Corp sales of up to $215 billion 600 million, but this huge figure compared with the previous year's $223 billion 600 million target is still lower by 3.7%. At the same time, Apple's net sales fell 7.7% in 2016, operating profit fell by 15.7%.

Apple has not yet announced 2016 earnings, but Kun Peng found Apple Corp in the fourth quarter of 2016 earnings, there are several data worthy of our attention:

from iPhone's revenue was $28 billion 160 million, down $32 billion 209 million from the same period last year, $13%;

comes from iPad revenue of $4 billion 255 million, with go >

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