Programmer’s favorite the world’s largest gay dating platform GitHub completed 250 million B round


Programmer’s favorite the world’s largest gay dating platform GitHub completed 250 million B round

software development and code sharing platform GitHub announced, Sequoia Capital led the $250 million B round of financing, IVP, Thrive Capital and Anderson · Horowitz voted in, among them, Anderson · Horowitz had alone invested $100 million in GitHub). Industry insiders said that after this round of financing GitHub valuation of about $2 billion. At present, the total amount of GitHub financing reached $350 million.

GitHub was founded in 2008, is known as an Facebook for developers in China, dubbed "the world's largest gay dating platform, currently has more than 10 million registered users, more than 25 million projects in the GitHub hosting. Individual developers can save, write, share, and collaborate to write code, while companies and government departments use GitHub to manage and run software projects throughout the organization. Not long ago, Google gave up their own products like Google Code, allowing developers to save to GitHub. At present, GitHub is only for private development projects and large organizations, free of charge for other services.

believed that the successful financing of GitHub software / application development and code sharing cooperation is a growing demand, the open source code GitHub allows developers more freedom to modify and release code, which will help enterprises / save the government authorized expenses and development costs a lot, of course, the enterprise through the open source the software's attitude can be better to attract developers to recruit more and better programmer. Many large organizations, such as NASA and SAP have been held in GitHub developer activities.

Forrester Research vice president Jeffrey Hammond said: "companies believe that open source software can help them save money, and then they also see that this helps them attract young developers. "

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