Network video piracy resurgence of thousands of small sites pirates broadcast popular drama


Network video piracy resurgence of thousands of small sites pirates broadcast popular drama

May 17th, according to Sohu IT was informed that after the end of last year, the SARFT for undocumented video website crackdown recently, specializing in broadcast "pirated" video website has little recovery, the popular TV drama "new three" and "mobile phone" although carried out large-scale human rights activities, but still could not escape by thousands of small website piracy the fate of.

According to

users reflect, through the Baidu search and the "new three QVOD" will be able to see thousands of links, these links point into the most can clearly see the smooth "new three" video at the same time, update speed is far ahead of other authorized website.

According to the Sohu

IT observed, with Baidu search keywords "new three QVOD", find the pages about 90900 essays, just open a website you can click the play "new three", at the same time, through the QVOD player to play the "new three" has been updated to 32 sets, and gains the authority of the site is currently "new three" only update to 28 sets. With the keyword "mobile GVOD" and "mobile QVOD" search also get a similar effect.

GVOD is also called player, thunder company launched a hyper threading technology network transmission player. Nora (also known as qvod or Q broadcast) is based on a quasi video on demand (QVOD) kernel, multi-functional, personalized player software, support BT on-demand software. The above two models are free software, and are embedded into the domestic mainstream video site system, such as maxcms, sunny film system, etc..

according to the "new three" copyright, prime sun disclosure, the new Three Kingdoms "were awarded to Sohu, Tencent, Sina, PPS, thunder, cool 6, excited, Qiyi (Baidu), Anhui television network 9 media network broadcast rights, Nora is not in this list. In addition, excellent friends Bullock as the exclusive digital TV series "mobile phone" publisher, to obtain a legitimate right to broadcast, thunder and Nora are not authorized.

the number of video sites in the absence of authorization, or through the use of our acquisition, Nora player playing jump form the new Three Kingdoms "and" mobile phone ", which has attracted great interests of copyright damages.

"pirated video website is a long process, although at the end of last year, SARFT against a number of no pictures of the video and the BT download site, but in the limelight in the past, driven by the interests, there are still many video sites appear to continue to engage in piracy video business to earn traffic, and the large number of small the website struggle is our most troublesome thing." A copyright dealer said.

Last December

, BT China Alliance (BTChina) was closed by a chain reaction. A large number of BT based video download website and video website was closed because of the lack of the administration of audiovisual license, including the Chinese three BT website and many subtitle website.


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