Zhejiang’s most popular portal selection activities successfully concluded


Zhejiang’s most popular portal selection activities successfully concluded

April 22nd, with the official website of the official activities of the project closed, Zhejiang's most popular portal large online charity selection activities successfully concluded. In the course of a week of voting in the network, the majority of the active participation of the owners, but also attracted users across the country to actively participate in voting. Their participation in Zhejiang's most popular web site selection activities of the public participation in the evaluation section drew a satisfactory full stop, but also with the most practical action to prove their website popularity varies.

today, from the selection of the Organizing Committee of the statistics show that the Hongqiao portal has become the most popular Zhejiang portal site selection activities network voting popular king". Gu sister information network, Tonglu news network in two or three, followed by the fourth, the five is Cangnan, Xiangshan online. The data show that these websites in a week of voting time, their votes were thousands of sites of interest together, far more than the expected imagination, it is not easy.

Zhejiang is the most popular portal site selection activities by price comparison network, A5 station network host, combined with Zhejiang city network, Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Ningbo station network hotline information port more than and 20 network media jointly organized a large online community selection activities, activities has aroused strong concern since the start of April 15th, has been in a in a week is more attracted the attention of network media, caused a good response in Zhejiang and a wide range of internet.

although the end of our selection activities, but we are concerned about the journey of the Zhejiang portal will not end, we are committed to win-win cooperation strategy is not the end of the internet". Price comparison network operations director Wang Hengzhi finally said.

attached to the selection of the activities of the top 20 list of participating sites: (according to the final ranking of votes)

1, Hongqiao portal

2, Gu sister information network

3, Tonglu news network

4, Cangnan network

5, Xiangshan online

6, energy-saving

7, Yiwu -15 street

8, Ling'an CC network

9, charming cloud community

10, China Jiangshan

11, Cangnan guest


12, drunk Qiandao Lake

13, Jiande life network

14, three city network

15, Changxin information port

16, Xiangshan forum

17, Longyou forum

18, with the ring you I he nets

19, Jiashan life network

20, Yu life network

another vote of the lucky prize see the activity page: >

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