Kang Sheng low key push into the Taiwan version of Taiwan 5d6d free forum


Kang Sheng low key push into the Taiwan version of Taiwan 5d6d free forum

as one of the most powerful force in the domestic PHP forum, Kang Sheng group established on the basis of the DISCUZ forum, the larger the Kingdom, more and more involved in the field. Of course, all of this is based on the core of the initial development of the - DISCUZ forum program, so the promotion of DZ moment can not stop, which is the source of its business is constantly active and development. In China, DZ launched a free forum system "5d6d" (my home) homonym for the promotion of DZ forum program, let more and more people through this free forum system contact and love DZ program. And now, Kang Sheng group continue to seek development, this year will be extended to the Taiwan area of business, to seek a share of the market in the region of Taiwan. And the way it is used in the mainland and used the same, also launched the Taiwan version of the "5d6d" free forum system, but also its domain name and "5d6d" are all different approaches but equally satisfactory results - "5dforum", homonym for "My Forum (Forum Forum English)".


according to the analysis of www.bingoidea.net, the domain name "www.5dforum.com" and "www.5dforum.net" and registered in Godaddy in February 20th this year, so we can analyze the Kang Sheng launched a free forum not earlier than March. Among them, the.Com domain name has been put into use,.Net domain name has not yet been put into use, it may be used as the image storage space analysis domain name and other uses.


at the same time, the Forum on the home page (see Figure 2) is also the focus of the free forum and whether can use free forum money are explained, we analyze this is to attract Taiwan users change and attract some existing owners "selling point to the station". In this model, it is consistent with the marketing mode of Kang Sheng in mainland china.

but at present this free forum for the Taiwan area should be to prevent the mainland users and webmasters crazy registration, the mainland can only visit through agents, declined to visit the mainland IP.

at the same time, in the operation of 5dforum Kang Sheng taken the training in Taiwan responsible for the franchise operation, while the official technical support mode, and some officials joined the Taiwan team.

believe that with Kang Sheng in the Taiwan region of the force, extended the PHP forum to a certain extent, to attract users in Taiwan to change its widely used BBS application framework, DZ chain extending longer.

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