115CEO Lai Linfeng cloud storage bet


115CEO Lai Linfeng cloud storage bet

more and more industry giants to sniff out cloud storage attractive opportunity. IBM, HP, Amazon, HUAWEI, Sina, a big brother joined come in a throng staking contest. However, a still more than 100 people in the grassroots enterprises also force pick brothers, and do not take care to the individual user quantity scale of 25 million, ranking first in China soared.

This company

CEO is chairman and Lai Lin Feng to become "the world's first cloud storage", his emboldened get million yuan A round of investment in just now; however, he is only a high school dropout of grassroots entrepreneurs. From the outside, he is more like an offbeat fashion youth: small arm tattoo tattoo dazzling, the left ear often wears a black onyx mosaic BVLGARIBVLGARI white gold earrings, love the staff called him "brother feng".


personal independence of conduct

Lai Linfeng in the room on the desk, in addition to an apple computer, empty shelves; the left hand side of the wall can only put a black car. 115 science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the 115) CEO Lai Linfeng said: "my knowledge comes from the internet. I don't like books."

rarely read Lai Linfeng but prefer to write Bowen, mostly written by him that the most correct business rules. Lai Linfeng Bowen repeatedly mentioned: excellence is a habit. This let him in this stage for cloud storage front seats, and actually sitting in the front row.

just on the first two days, Lai Linfeng to raise the right function of personal independence of conduct. The right brain is one of the "image and the subconscious brain", with imagination, creativity, inspiration and ultra high speed response and other functions, use the right brain will make people smarter. "From then on I began to consciously use the left hand. Many people know that the left hand can exercise the brain, but this thing I do. For 15 years I have been eating and brushing my teeth with my left hand." It is interesting to note that, under his influence and supervision, each of his working partners have gradually become accustomed to the use of the left hand, and "never dare to do it in front of the boss".

the formation of this incredible habit, Lai Linfeng did bring unexpected results. "I'm listening to others, your mind will quickly form image, which makes me think in the complex Internet technology and mode, can" soon opens. "." Open his resume, a seemingly unrelated with the high school dropout entrepreneurial history may prove his ability. In 2002, access to the Internet, or QQ, to earn a living; in 2005, with friends in his hometown - Guangdong Meizhou Xingning city founded company to sell DIY ylmf, computer, operating system and play forum started in 2008 to move to Dongguan city; Songshan Lake high tech Zone, and launched 114 site navigation, Ylmf operating system, SkyDrive 115 116, search, 769 Dongguan portal and influential products and services.

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