China YAHOO portal closed to ignore the user experience lost jobs


China YAHOO portal closed to ignore the user experience lost jobs

had Internet ace YAHOO in China's territory has shrunk. Following the YAHOO YAHOO album, mail and other services has failed, this time even There is not much left.

from midnight yesterday, Yahoo China portal completely "face", no longer provide community, information service, public channel automatic website into ali. But it only in the day before the announcement on the website of "arrogant" approach, but also attracted many users tucao.


Chinese face positive energy every day,

"just a day is not online, the morning thought computer poisoning!" Hu Bin is working in a financial company, he began to China University YAHOO portal for his "Internet initial page", this habit has been extended to now, yesterday morning, he was surprised to discover that YAHOO "face".

would be filled with a news website, now only alone to hang out a notice. "Based on the agreement between Alibaba group and YAHOO in 2012, YAHOO will adjust its operating strategy and will no longer provide information and community services at 0:00 on September 1, 2013." And such a notice only lasted less than 3 minutes, and then automatically jump to Ali Department of public welfare every day positive energy page.

in the online discussion, user dissatisfaction and complaints in the minority, "this is taking advantage of the weekend, playing" hide and seek "?" netizen "Beijing can" said before YAHOO did not inform the user, catch the announcement on Saturday that he felt "little gas practice".

this means that China's YAHOO portal has been declared dead. YAHOO in September 1999 opened a portal search site in China, and it together, YAHOO mailbox, MSN became the first memory of many Chinese users on the internet. Computer communication network editor Liu Qicheng comments, YAHOO contributed to the rise of the portal model NetEase, Sina, Sohu and a large number of China local portal, "at that time, have a Chinese identity, YAHOO founder Yang Zhiyuan, a number of domestic entrepreneurs idol, this method is not too much."

things have changed in the sixth year of YAHOO's entry into china. 2005, YAHOO to $1 billion in cash and all assets of China's YAHOO, in exchange for Alibaba group's 40% shares. According to last year, Ali and YAHOO reached an agreement to buy back shares, Ali will be the most party in 4 years, China's YAHOO brand back to YAHOO.

for the halt, China YAHOO said it will be transferred to the cause of the spread of public welfare Alibaba group. The public welfare is the focus of the project after the dismissal of Ali Ali group CEO. This year, the focus will be focused on public welfare projects." Yesterday, Ali group public relations department said. In addition, for the service to shut down, Ali responsible person to respond to reporters, said China's YAHOO brand is still vested in Ali group, and will not be returned to the United States YAHOO.


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