CEO please pay employees containment heat off the network domain name is down to earth is dead


CEO please pay employees containment heat off the network domain name is down to earth is dead

renamed Chinese August 22nd hearing, the electricity supplier industry development as it is understood that the electricity supplier website mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, hot off the network into funding strand breaks crisis of large comprehensive online shopping platform, there is no accident on the electricity supplier list. The reason for this is not the official website of domain name down to earth is perhaps one of the reasons for its failure.

it is understood that the heat off the net song city in Shanghai after the withdrawal of 60 million yuan investment, the boss himself and voted for the 7 million, but still failed to stop the process of hot money strand breaks. Li Jiangen, President of the heat was blocked by employees in the office. The official micro-blog released a number of employee trouble, in the micro-blog search can also be found on hot off the news eyeful taoxin". Visible, the collapse of the hot passenger network has become an established fact.

from the surface, the hot off the network because the capital chain rupture is facing collapse, is basically a lack of awareness of hot passenger network, and a good domain name for the site's visibility has an indelible relationship. I remember someone once said, "some projects started, look at the domain name will know the results may be absolute, but it is undeniable that there are some truth, a good domain name is more conducive to the promotion and development of the site.

hot passenger network in March 2011 to enable the domain name line, in the outside world, the development of hot passenger network is not warm. "lucky car"? From the direct sense, with the heat off network nothing, said homophonic and it seems a bit far fetched, but few people can remember such a domain name

down to earth?

is the domain name can normally access heat off network home page, but open for ladies and men and other columns are inaccessible, the home also has no commodity information, according to sources, the company investor also has decided to close the heat off network in the near future.

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