Micro business agents how to do online menacing shoes


Micro business agents how to do online menacing shoes

A: do not understand how the Internet thinking line

is the premise of the development of online business marketing model must continue to improve the good store, because a part of network marketing is marketing, traditional agents must have certain advantages in resources to do marketing planning, but not to marketing and marketing, must not blindly follow the trend. Traditional agents should have Internet thinking, to have an open mind, with an open mind to do business, a "watch" is not enough.

in the case of product functionality can be met, the needs of consumers is decentralized, personalized, therefore, consumers in addition to the pursuit of product features, but also pay more attention to product services. The future development of the electricity supplier channels will be bound to focus on the combination of products and services, which prompted many agents (micro) focus on product sales to product service transformation.

B: expand the business layout with micro shop

agents do electricity providers, more choice is not a large platform, the current is based on the mobile operators in more electricity.

with other platform costs, promotion costs increase, the trend of the development of the electricity supplier agents can WeChat as a breakthrough, the use of their products and resources, and I answer, pocket pass, micro and three party cooperation to develop O2O distribution platform, from the operation as the key to the dealer management, price management, consumer information management marketing, resource allocation, inventory depth of focus shift.

At present,

, AOKANG and other brands of Fuguiniao as a typical representative. In the form of micro shop to expand the business territory, it is worth learning from the manufacturers and even agents.

C: own brand sellers circle of friends better than

some agents or shoes generally believe that although the conditions and resources do not have the business electricity supplier, but the development of online distribution is an inevitable trend; and the agent is also necessary to create their own brand of online and offline synchronization development, this is conducive to the formation of a unique brand competitiveness, is conducive to the future survival and development.

and, with its own brand of agents in the operation of the micro shop more convenient, more easily spread. But at present most agents also dare to try, on the one hand is the industry has not yet appeared more success stories, O2O distribution model is only in the exploratory stage, and the shoes of the re purchase rate is low, but it is undeniable that, with its own brand operation micro shop sell, sell goods than the circle of friends more reliable.

Ding: from the team consciousness of electricity providers are nonsense

electricity supplier is a prerequisite for funding, team, goods and supply chain, if the agents authorized by the manufacturers, the regional electricity supplier can do the boss.

, such as Fujian Red Dragonfly store, a year of electricity supplier share of 100 million. Many people think that the traditional footwear agents or the generation of online competition, but the manufacturers and brands,


a lot of big agents are now

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