Suning stores electricity supplier double open low cost provocation Tmall Jingdong


Suning stores electricity supplier double open low cost provocation Tmall Jingdong

12 evening, Su Ningyun (9.35, 0.07, 0.75%) held a press conference in Beijing, the water cube, officially announced the open platform strategy, announced online and offline line the whole category of investment, from the platform fee and the technical service fee is free of charge only 1-5 million security and 0.1% of sales and service fund, mainly through the sale of the future the deduction of value-added services and profitability.

in the conference site, Suning play the right to say no, "Rent-seeking" to three products can not say "," say no to fake smuggled goods "," to say no, "platform" to say no unilateral monopoly "," to the authoritarian rule says no "slogan, many site participants guess at Taobao, Tmall, these slogans.

Suning than FTA model

said he was in the executive vice president Li Bin's speech also scene provocative, and in the past 10 years, China business experience from platform 1 to 3 upgrade:

was born in 2003 1 platform to the C2C platform, it is similar to the "flea market", mainly by individuals and individual businesses to provide services to the sale of goods, this model represents the beginning of Chinese e-commerce industry has its positive role, the stage, but also cultivate the price sensitive type of one of the earliest online shopping user.

"but its inherent defect mode, low oriented leading businesses uneven in quality lead to vicious competition, fake smuggled goods flooding, service guarantee is impossible." Li Bin said that in the global C2C platform has become a non mainstream electricity supplier model.

was born in 2008 2 platform to the B2B2C platform, and different platform 1 is the largest operator is no longer a person, but also from the platform of business enterprise, individual stall type flea market into the market relatively standardized, business platform to pay an annual fee, platform charge, technical service fee and sales commissions, obtain sales in on the platform of the qualification, and in the service platform to provide services.

The 2 part

"platform to solve 1 problems, such as the business audit, settled relatively standardized, but the number is still not settled merchants itself restrictions, resulting in serious homogenization of competition and consumer choice cost is relatively large." Li Bin said, because the platform is completely dependent on the Internet 2 display and sales, the brand can not form a premium, but because of the lack of intuitive user experience of the product, resulting in the user choose to increase the chance of error.

"at the same time, due to their lack of ability to provide business services platform resources, rely more on the fixed commission form of access to income, resulting not only in the supply chain management businesses to reduce costs, but artificially increased the operating costs of the business platform. In consumer services, the platform does not assume responsibility, more is to play the role of judges between businesses and users, resulting in increased communication costs, the right to rent-seeking phenomenon is also common." He said.

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