Suning 2 billion yuan investment in the next three years to open the door of the 50 stores


Suning 2 billion yuan investment in the next three years to open the door of the 50 stores

"6· 18 years celebration has not yet dispersed the smoke, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong began a new round of duzhan region journey. During the Dragon Boat Festival, he went to Su Ning Internationalization -- one of the important fulcrum of Japan Tokyo District, visited the Tesco official (Laox) development, and further study and promote the development of cross-border electricity supplier suning.

just 1 months ago, Tesco Shi and Su Ninghong children hand in hand, the package under a line of Japanese prince, there will be 400 containers of lovely music (LaCUTE) ZhiNiaoKu straight for Suning, except in Tesco official store sales in Japan, but also in the Suning online and offline implementation of exclusive sale. Zhang Jindong said, Suning Tesco official is the innovative practice of internationalization of O2O mode, Suning not only boost the development of cross-border electricity supplier, but also demonstrates the Suning O2O mode landing effect.


arrived in Tokyo, Zhang Jindong has rushed to Shinjuku, Ginza store Tesco official visit, which is June 6th Tesco official Shinjuku just opened twenty-fourth duty-free stores. Zhang Jindong said Tesco official will invest 40 billion yen in the next three years (about 2 billion yuan), opened 50 stores in Japan, highlighting the advantages in the new era of Internet retail stores under the line.

is more important in 2014, Tesco official sales growth of more than 50%, profit growth of 138% is reached, and these gains almost entirely from offline physical stores. In 2009 the acquisition of Suning Tesco official opened the process of internationalization. After the completion of the acquisition, Tesco official to duty-free retail transformation, all the way to the duty-free shop from 6 to expand to 24, the whole cloth under Japan's largest duty-free network, currently Tesco official in Japan duty-free industry sales ranked first, Suning Tesco official stock was bought six years ago when over 30 times. In 2014, Tesco official flagship store in, began the development of cross-border electricity supplier, to explore new mode of internationalization development of O2O.

Just past the

6· 18, Su Ninghai purchased the platform once again show the hot hot trend. "This shows that the overseas purchase demand is also just a blowout, facing domestic consumption upgrading, quality of consumption will become the mainstream market." Zhang Jindong said.

is understood to Tesco official duty-free shopping consumers, from 70% Chinese, which not only let the Japanese manufacturing in the minds of consumers China formed a good reputation, more important is to understand the Chinese Tesco official consumers, understand their love what kind of Japanese goods.

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