Double 11 missed Do not sad pre sale platform to find excellent purchase 11 22 on line let you buy i


Double 11 missed Do not sad pre sale platform to find excellent purchase 11 22 on line let you buy i

double 11 came to see, grab the Red Raiders prepared to meet the challenge, ahead of the shopping cart, packed, hot blooded, waiting for the arrival of the morning eager to get into action, however, is to remind the "click the settlement of this baby has fallen". In this war, how many people have encountered such a situation?

11 did not grab your favorite goods friends, don't be sad, according to Xiao Bian from Beijing Avia Zhiye science and Technology Department was informed that the first Chinese specializes in pre-sale platform purchase will be officially launched on November 22nd to find friends. Platform integration of fresh, clothing, creativity, festivals, overseas five categories of goods, dozens of categories of goods, a new day, to provide users with quality and cheap, surprise goods. Let consumers from panic buying troubles, shopping and quick step, early adopters.

is composed of senior foreign technology to find friends to buy Creative Alpha Enterprises Limited group (CAL) and Logicquest Technology Inc. of Listed Companies in the United States R & D cooperation, held a press conference in Macao in June 2016 after entering the trial stage. The on-line in November by the Beijing Avia Intelligence Technology Co. company exclusive, terminal consumption is divided into App client and web client. Find friends to purchase "life ahead GO" business philosophy, to "the best become the cheapest" service for the purpose, to the "lowest price limit + + panic buying genuine security for the innovation of the pre-sale mode. To the best quality, the most affordable price, the best service to provide consumer protection.

and Chinese currently available on the market of electronic business platform compared to find friends purchase has three major advantages richly endowed by nature.

first, sales model, purchase the first China to find friends to get the pre-sale pre-sale platform, right through to establish cooperation with manufacturers in advance, so that consumers buy goods quick step. And this model can also allow manufacturers to produce according to the order of quantitative production, to avoid a large number of inventory backlog.

second, find friends purchase has very strict quality assurance measures, the sale of goods from manufacturers formal channels of purchase, and signed a purchase agreement with the goods, the supplier qualification are strictly review, business license and other five cards, product and brand licensing inspection report documents are indispensable. For imported goods, must also provide customs clearance documents and other documents of suppliers. For 3C, food and other commodities, according to the national requirements of the supplier to provide the corresponding commodity special qualification certificate. In addition, find friends purchase is also equipped with the special personnel to the identity of consumers, manufacturers of goods to the origin of the taste, quality, quality inspect.

third, innovative marketing, find friends purchase original bounty mode, businesses can set according to the demand of scientific bounty, buyers can through the product information will be forwarded to WeChat, micro-blog and other ten major social networking platform to promote products, at the same time you can get. And each time a user browsing, each transaction will get the corresponding reward, in order to achieve business and.

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