Survey B2C vertical female website rapid growth


Survey B2C vertical female website rapid growth

introduction: fluttering white, swaying skirt network in China fashion and women network media value continued rapid growth of fashion and female network media coverage over 64 million users, vertical fashion women website user covering over 12 million weeks ahead of the vertical fashion media week over 5 million users, page views over 260 million weeks, user time spent over 1 million 400 thousand weeks with the female netizens hours increasingly growing, female Internet users are increasingly prominent in the fashion life and information for Internet content information about fashion and women also gradually to female Internet users more and more.

According to the research results of

for China fashion and women online media company CR-Nielsen launched on 2009, and the China fashion female network media to maintain a rapid growth, in which users and increase the marketing value of vertical fashion media is very obvious.

vertical fashion / women's online media market size and influence continues to expand

The measurement of

based on CR-Nielsen, Chinese life, fashion and women network media weekly market reached a rate of more than 19%, calculated according to CNNIC released Chinese netizens, a conservative estimate of the user scale covering over 64 million people. In this study of 5 vertical fashion / female network media week covering more than 12 million, among them, the leading media week average over 5 million unique visitors, leading media Zhou Pingjun users access to nearly 7 million times.


study found that in accordance with the number of the user's attention to the content accounted for content classification of fashion / female network media attention of the users into three parts, the first part mainly includes fashion dress, skin beauty, healthy body, the second part of the main trend of information, leisure life, constellation / psychological test, entertainment stars, emotional life. The main content third parts of the world, including sex online shopping, luxury products, video, blogs and forum magazines.

fashion audience cross media information acquisition behavior is significantly different

fashion female network media for more than 70% of young women aged 18-29, their surroundings with keen observation, demand for fashion information, they will also pay attention to the Internet, television, magazines and other major mainstream media.

results showed that in IT, such as digital communication, aviation, tourism, automotive and other high technology product information, the Internet has played an absolute advantage position in the media, such as clothing, cosmetics, jewelry and other bathroom, personalized fashion information, Internet and magazines are both important in the information dissemination channels, such as food and beverage, health care products and other daily necessities for the dissemination of information, television media occupy an important position, but in the Internet technology and the continuous innovation in the function of potential.

at the same time, in the use of mobile Internet users in the fashion network media, >

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