Taobao gold ten years is coming to an end


Taobao gold ten years is coming to an end

Abstract: the Taobao

platform is the end of the era of the electricity supplier's mission, and O2O mode, mobile mode, community based on WeChat's share mode, will show explosive growth in 2015, which will become the breakthrough point of the traditional enterprises and new business people.


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today and a few young people, almost half of the 90 are not in Taobao to buy things, I am very surprised after questioning, found that the main reason is their pursuit of product quality, high cost, other major electricity supplier can meet the shopping needs.

so I look at their past Taobao shopping records and other electricity supplier shopping records, check some information, suddenly discovered that the golden age of Taobao is coming to an end.


is a commercial miracle, it opened up the commodity producers, sellers and buyers of the channel, with the Taobao platform, all kinds of goods directly presented to the customer, commodity prices transparent, transparent, transparent user evaluation.

through Taobao platform, users can choose the lowest price, the best user evaluation, quality may be the best commodity. The user's own strong leadership, shopping experience is very good, a short time to browse a large number of goods, time efficiency is very high, it is important to save a lot of money, time, as well as physical.

Taobao in 2003 after the development has been rapid development, in 2014 Taobao's sales reached about 1 trillion and 170 billion, becoming the main contributor to Ali group sales. But Taobao's growth rate has been declining since 2012, 1 trillion in 2012, and in the year of 2013, at about $1 trillion and 100 billion.

Taobao will also be rapid growth?

2003, Taobao launched the Chinese electricity supplier platform, driven by the development of a number of electricity supplier companies, many of which are relying on the electricity supplier companies to fill the gaps in the field of Taobao developed.

users such as Taobao can not buy low price, good quality brand-name products, so appeared, and now the market value of $10 billion. Tourism and holiday demand management chaos in Taobao, consumers can not be trusted, so Ctrip, where to go, eLong appeared, the market value of a total of over ten billion u.s.. Businesses need to gather popularity in a short time, to promote their goods and services, so the network appears, the U.S. group net market value of $7 billion estimate.

Taobao can not provide food reservation and review services, so the public comment appeared, the market value is close to $10 billion. Taobao can not provide credible, standard, full range of electronic products sales, the results of its largest competitor Jingdong appeared, the market value of more than $40 billion. Taobao can not provide for all customers of the book sales, so Dangdang appeared.

to fill the gaps in Taobao more and more enterprises, professional electricity supplier gradually emerged, the user consumption habits change, coupled with the rise of the concept of O2O and micro electricity supplier model, Taobao high

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