Comments on the impact of Foxconn’s B2C platform on the overall E commerce


Comments on the impact of Foxconn’s B2C platform on the overall E commerce

August 1, 2010, belonging to the Foxconn group channel division (NCIH) of the flying tiger Tesco officially launched. Wolf electronic commerce CEO Zhu Jiabao said: from a macro perspective, tiger Tesco online shopping mall opened never action isolated or single business behavior is not the Foxconn group, a retail business important module but in the group "CHANNEL" under the guidance of the overall strategy. In actual operation, tiger Tesco will be with other kinds of entity 3C retail channels combined, "actual", common in the China, 3C products in domestic market. Tiger Tesco online shopping mall opened is the Foxconn group "access" in the development of an important sign.


The on-line

tiger Tesco, exactly what the impact on e-commerce


first, the traditional business into the pace of E-business has never stopped, Lining, Lenovo, Haier and TCL have ocs. But it is not difficult to find, large enterprises are usually the first to plan and then move on the line, the flying tiger Tesco in preparation for nearly 2 years.

second, the combination of virtual reality will become the mainstream of e-commerce in the future. In other words, the net mode of pure e-commerce online shopping will no longer be the advantage, and many manufacturers direct marketing enterprises to replace e-commerce.

third, the establishment and management of network channels will become a very important business in the future. At present, small and medium-sized enterprises to do e-commerce mode is single, mainly in the establishment of Alibaba, Taobao mall, but the mall with Jingdong, green forest digital, Dangdang and other professional sales platform, a large number of goods will be sold from these channels.

fourth, the current situation of the net goods Fair will be replaced by the normal network goods trading club. You will find that this year, the Alibaba's Guangzhou net goods trade fair has been popular as before, why? Because the traditional display trading in a hurry, do not meet the characteristics of the network trading 24 hours online, companies do not profit. Wolf e-commerce South China city is preparing for the United Nation's first cross industry, normal e-commerce platform full coverage, not only free store. Network marketing platform is more free, every weekend sale, which will replace the current shortage of net goods transaction will. (reproduced indicate the source: Wolf electronic commerce, QQ:9981436


at the same time, on-line Foxconn tiger Tesco, also reminded the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, when the elephant dance is not far, only run faster, farther, it will not be under foot.

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