When the video meets the electricity supplier video shopping potential


When the video meets the electricity supplier video shopping potential

is currently in the Internet industry most two segments of burn is video and electricity supplier, while the two industry met with what will happen? Video shopping? Video or video into marketing?? in fact as long as beneficial to both parties, everything possible. Recently, the Jingdong suning.com mall launched a concept video shopping, video and electricity suppliers cooperation may begin.

video traffic video business income could suffer from the combined electricity supplier represent the general trend of

December 6th, the fourth China Internet audio visual Industry Forum (CNAIF2012) held in Shanghai, the forum said in 2012 China's online video users reached 450 million, accounting for more than the total number of users in the country more than 70%. Video sites are not short of traffic, lack of income. Video website to burn money mainly burned in the bandwidth and content of procurement, take this year, Youku Q3 performance as an example, Youku Q3 reported its bandwidth and content costs for 318 million 600 thousand, accounting for 51% of its net income. At this stage the basic path of growth of the video site is very simple, the purchase of content and bandwidth to attract users, through the user to attract advertisers, advertisers earn money to buy content and bandwidth.

According to Youku

Q3 reported its advertising number has reached 316, the average advertisers 1 million 700 thousand, roughly Youku Q3 advertising revenue reached 537 million 200 thousand, far greater than the bandwidth and content purchasing cost. But the current video industry competition, Youku's operating expenses (including sales and marketing, product development, and daily administration) reached 227 million 600 thousand, coupled with the purchase of some fixed assets and intangible assets, Youku Q3 net loss reached 91 million 500 thousand. Although Youku can burn money, but the long-term burn is not a way to find a new revenue point is very important.

electricity supplier in terms of, but also the lack of traffic resources. Electricity supplier website will invest a certain amount of money to buy a variety of traffic resources, for the electricity supplier companies in terms of video site traffic has a very large potential value. We first look at suning.com and Jingdong under 2010-2011 mall source of traffic structure. (data from Ai Rui)


can be seen from the figure, the flow of source structure of suning.com and Jingdong mall were dominated by Baidu and navigation website, video website contribution to their traffic is negligible. The video site capacity, users have a huge amount of goods carrier contents can spread, marketing, user is a source of income, in terms of the business enterprise should be a huge potential value of video website, also, in turn, business enterprise also has the same value on the video site, but from the current market situation. This value does not appear.

over the past few years, the video industry and electricity industry is the necessary infrastructure construction, industry rapid development of capital market, the large-scale blood transfusion, as well as industry competition stage, so between the two industries in addition to traditional advertising cooperation.

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