Only the off season thought no off season market analysis


Only the off season thought no off season market analysis

with the aggravation of competition, the off-season, will no longer be a flat period, in the off-season, only react faster than its rivals, by surprise, the first campaign, can take the initiative in the competition in China, otherwise it will fall into the season resource war, price war, war, war, a series of promotional advertising products in the melee battle, consumption, effect not ideal, year after year, tired. The sales season, all manufacturers in the channel for a fierce round of close combat, began to enter the off-season, practicing internal strength, the accumulation of momentum, seemingly calm off-season, but bloodshed.

according to the successful experience of the major companies, we have achieved some of the same factors of successful marketing.

is the first fully prepared, mainly embodied in thoroughness, rationality and feasibility of the above plan, regardless of season, marketing preparations should be carried out in time, live training, a slight adjustment, a moment of " a " and so are the manufacturers to set their own thinking inertia off-season.

if companies choose to develop new markets in the off-season, mainly due to the off-season most of the competing brands in the promotion of the dormant period, the management of the market weakened, in advertising investment is also reduced. Choose this time to enter the market, less interference information, is conducive to the occupation of the channel and the establishment of brand image, the expansion of the market will drive sales performance improvement. A mass consumer goods manufacturing enterprises, product clear season, mainly focused on the development of the enterprise market and the development of a single channel wholesalers, the results of high and low sales. Later, the company changed the strategy, the development of new sales in the off-season sales market, the strong development of the outskirts of the market, the final business to achieve no off-season sales, sales rose year after year.

which is also verified by the marketing industry rumors of a word is " the off-season market, sales season ".

followed by the advertising effect, because there are a lot of product sales season is actually caused by the concept of consumption. But the concept of consumption is the hearts of consumers with a view, will change with the change of thought, consumer understanding of the product and strengthen the consumption environment will also change, therefore, consumer attitudes can be changed. Changes in consumer attitudes so that this part of the consumer has become an important target of off-season sales.

in this way, as long as the full use of television, radio, newspapers, magazines and outdoor advertising and other media, to promote product features, you can eliminate consumer spending has been formed.

moreover, accurate grasp of market opportunities. This requires understanding of competitors, the enemy, baizhanbudai, grasp the characteristics, competitors in the region is not an antidote against the disease, for the case of strong competitors to seize the intermittent, heavy attack. The blank time rally in the competition manufacturers of TV media, centralized pull campaign, to avoid the interference of competitors, caught the attention of consumers, to ensure that the products of audience rate and popularity, although >

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