Live electricity supplier fiery Taobao to go shopping to buy a live side to buy


Live electricity supplier fiery Taobao to go shopping to buy a live side to buy

each of the major electricity supplier platform to test the water, the record how?

from the broadcast industry hot to live + very influential to today's economy, Ali, Suning, Jingdong, the United States and so on, the major electricity supplier giants have to test the live + business model, how to record live +


from Taobao live start trial operation, to the current three months more than a month, with "hundred days", in the Taobao broadcast celebrate the hundred days, big red net Yi live debut, 4 hours, the cumulative number of viewers reached 421 thousand points like broken million, in the case of not doing promotional discounts the store, a new volume of about 20 million, close to 400 yuan price. 1 million people will bring a view of the purchase of 320 thousand (put the goods into the shopping cart).

6· 18 during the war, the Jingdong of fresh part and Betta TV to launch the "lobster fighting night" Red Net live event during the 618 big promotion, 6 times the Jingdong products fresh import orders amounted to the same period last year, accounting for up to 88% of the mobile terminal.

Ali seems, Taobao is an important manifestation of the electricity supplier upgrade. Focus on the experience, the prosperity of the ecology, enabling businesses, consumer upgrades is the core of Alibaba 2016 retail electricity supplier business upgrade, and broadcast is the specific implementation of the strategic landing ali.

Ali focus on the layout of the strategy behind what is the logic behind the




Why let

live major business platform for


live is a natural electricity supplier sales space, live attracted huge traffic, while the electricity supplier is the key to the successful implementation of the flow. Taobao, Jingdong belongs to the traditional transaction type electricity supplier, with the development of the market, this experience has also gradually lost its new growth point. The new shopping experience is being nurtured, but also pregnant with enormous business opportunities.

as business bigwigs, all of its business in the core of every hour and moment, what is the business of the core business? - related factors that influence the changes you and me to buy goods, which determines the different business platform market share. In the past, whether it is the details of the goods, commodity pictures, etc. are to promote the user's purchase. The appearance of the live broadcast to the electricity supplier what live + electricity supplier in addition to the huge traffic, the key is the user's shopping behavior (shopping) and the purchase behavior (buying) successfully separated. Traditional electricity supplier platform users shopping behavior and the purchase of a unified. However, in the context of attracting live content, the user does not like to browse the electricity supplier platform when I want to buy mentality. Originally on the electronic business platform for a joint assessment of a commodity into a single assessment, so that the shopping process becomes more emotional, more receptive to goods, and thus complete the purchase decision and behavior. Now, cross-border electronic business platform to test the water to live, because the user can not enter the import of goods >

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