Small flow of money to make a lot of segments of the site


Small flow of money to make a lot of segments of the site

some sites visit dozens of IP, but the monthly income of tens of thousands or even more (Lu Songsong comments: This is true, there is such a sister loose pine brother). There are also some tens of thousands of IP rely on advertising alliance is also alive very moist. Then the majority of station traffic only tens of hundreds of IP, so that the flow of money to eat enough, not to mention how much money to earn money, the cost of host domain name has been very good. So what kind of Web site to make money? The answer is the breakdown of the site, small flow can make big money.


a, subdivision pet website

you can choose your love that pet website, because you love, so you know more about the pet hobby and other aspects of knowledge. As for the segmentation, the dog metaphor has many varieties, take the Tibetan mastiff to say, do the Tibetan mastiff this kind of website does not require too much content, but many visitors also love advertising, is that the advertising content, related websites such as advertising pictures you ask how much money the guaranteed price scare you. Because of this kind of website access to most of the people are playing only the nouveau riche, Tibetan mastiff nouveau riche.

two, automotive segment

There are many

each segments of automobile type is also, the key is how you find XX there, the car analogy cushion, audio, 4S transformation and so on all segments can do. For example, choose to do the cushion, seat cushion can do a professional website, recommended manufacturers profit. Can also do a single product Taobao passenger seat website, effectiveness of a single Commission is also high, the downside is that Taobao customers are more difficult to do.

three, wholesale supply type website

this kind of website looks like is the advertisement station, the visitor is some shop opens the net shop to do the business, will have some people to be the merchant visit this kind of website, mainly is the advertisement. Just open a website is full of lattice type advertisement, the number of rough home about two hundred lattice advertising, flow site each lattice advertising prices 300 to 500 per month, the worst is 100 per month, the lattice advertising is not fancy is full of money? Do subdivision is recommended if the stall supply, supply of clothing, shoes and other specific areas.

four, pharmaceutical investment type

looks very pharmaceutical profits, so do the site are quite sweetness, pharmaceutical investment and wholesale supply does not have what difference, if the difference is more profitable awesome medical advertisements. The same method can be used to search the website of pharmaceutical investment, to make a division of their own site.


idle away in seeking pleasure basic necessities of life

this kind of feel like doing group purchase station, but we don't do all the attention do a good segmentation, the choice of metaphor "live", needless to say everyone needs to live, unless some homeless sleeping or everyone flyover that need habitat place. To do this.

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