E commerce the trend of media and community began to emerge


E commerce the trend of media and community began to emerge

just now, in the "commercial value" read an article, mainly about the community of e-commerce. The article believes that e-commerce has experienced a low price, grab the source, hit advertising and cover the warehouse, the trend of media and community is beginning to emerge. I would like to believe that e-commerce is e-commerce, community-based e-commerce, e-commerce services are the main body, in a subordinate position, can not be said to be a trend. List some of the main points in the article, then, we discuss one by one.

1, let's look at what the social network is busy. The renren.com, happy network using its own huge user group have opened up the field of domestic group purchase; Facebook officially launched the Facebook credits in February 4th (Credits) new features -- the social group purchase (Buy With Friends). This feature allows users to purchase virtual goods in the game, the right to share the discount to his friends. At present, although only for the virtual product transactions, but if the promotion of physical transactions under the line, will likely become a killer Groupon.

2, if electronic commerce is able to play a greater value to the existing traffic and user resources to the depth of excavation, then can reduce the cost of the media market, optimizing budget; non sustainable development mode and also can improve the handling flow, rely on a large number of advertising sales conversion, bring some real innovation for electronic commerce. So it's hard to do that,


3, although the road is long and difficult, but e-commerce enterprises still have to to the media, the community has taken this step, because it is time and low prices, the supply of wilderness during the farewell fight. To create good warehouse logistics and a series of hard power at the same time, the electronic commerce also buried the layout, like a hundred years old as you sign more stories and fans, after all, traffic can be bought, but not to buy brand loyalty.

let's look at the first point, the social network is really busy e-commerce, whether it is a physical transaction or false goods transactions, or buy, are trying. However, from the current situation, there is no particularly successful case out.

this shows that each company has its own genes, can do a good job in the community, not necessarily be able to do e-commerce, which is two different industries. Therefore, rely on social networking sites can play a role in blocking the professional business website, it is not realistic.

second points, if the electronic commerce to the existing traffic and user resources for deep mining, can indeed play a greater value. Moreover, the community is an important means to achieve this goal, which no doubt.

as long as the intention to layout, to do this, it is not difficult. However, we also want to see clearly, in essence, this is just the e-commerce site for the user's community service, only the people.

third points positive >

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