Taobao price mall you still do


Taobao price mall you still do


2011 October 10th, whether it is for Taobao store or Taobao itself, it is a major turning point, and even part of the seller will decide the fate of the mall or Taobao transformation is good to Taobao can be listed in advance.

Taobao mall officially upgraded business management system, in order to make businesses more seriously in the operating behavior of the mall, Taobao mall will be the original 6000 yuan a year technical service fee increased to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two grades. This major decision is directly related to the interests of Taobao sellers. Specific details are as follows:

(a) brand flagship store, store: with TM trademark of 100 thousand yuan, all of the R trademark of 50 thousand yuan;

(two) franchise store: with TM trademark of $150 thousand, all of the R trademark of 100 thousand yuan;

(three) special category,

1, store flagship store, margin of 150 thousand yuan;

2, the operation of the mainland China has not applied for a registered trademark of imported goods franchise stores, margin of 150 thousand yuan;

3, "the book / magazine / newspaper", "music / video / audio / Star" and "show / discount coupons to idle away in seeking pleasure" category brand attributes and no store type, so the deposit fee: 50 thousand yuan flagship store, shop 100 thousand yuan;

4, "online games and QQ", "calls communication" and "tourism" of the class margin of 10 thousand yuan;

Taobao mall today's move, in fact, 2 years ago has been seen; so how can a piece of meat and potatoes of cheap things to people? In fact, there are a lot of Taobao do good stores are not directly upgrade Taobao mall, but to establish their own independent shop, Green Tea a lemon. Don't depend on others to build their own platform directly.

today on the Internet from all walks of life to discuss Taobao mall prices of things, is the so-called is someone happy people worry ah, someone asked: "it is not the next Taobao mall will reduce a lot?" in the face of this problem is that an unexpected answer, "no, there must be someone staying?" netizens said "but this is not the end, just the beginning; everyone thought it was quit, so we have no exit." But now it is too early to say, but such things will certainly be.

also said to platform independent time, Taobao mall this year rose 10 times and rose does not represent the next year is up to 20 times, but it is expected next year there will be more independent of the platform was born, B2C army soon swept China.

mall price looks like a simple price, this also reflects a domino effect, the first mall price increase is the business operation cost, followed by an increase of the Taobao mall threshold, small businesses want to.

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