Dialogue palm world check nine LAN how to help supermarkets and suppliers to upgrade transformation


Dialogue palm world check nine LAN how to help supermarkets and suppliers to upgrade transformation


I have been looking for a transformation of the traditional FMCG products, look a lot, I feel the study of FMCG industry transformation can not start directly from the manufacturers. Such as Coca-Cola, jiaduobao have enough strength to establish adequate channels, these companies are not short of money, but also will not be affected by the impact of the Internet is too big, they even don't need to transition. What really matters is the small and medium-sized businesses. The fast consumer goods into the hands of consumers in the final venue is super, from the city to the town of super. Finally, all the goods of the merchants must flow into these supermarkets. It is the last time that the modern people will go to the supermarket at least once a week. In the last ten to change the traditional mode of existence in the canteen, today also need to upgrade, because of the presence of electricity providers, the supermarket has to bear a heavy burden.

in fact, compared with the electricity supplier, the main line of the supermarket is the supply and information on the short board. Electricity supplier can be calculated by the data of thousands of SKU without effort, supermarkets, especially small and medium supermarkets are not the majority of information technology. Up to now it is also used to account for the total amount of calculators, and even some supermarkets do not even make a category is not clear, well, do not doubt, I said that the township supermarket. The same is true for suppliers, inventory stock every day is a heavy work, which category when the purchase will need to come up with the books looked again. Conditional, may use a housekeeper, such as Invoicing software, but these software can not be transmitted to the docking of the supermarket data, limited to suppliers for inventory view. In a word, the supermarket supply industry urgent need for data and networking upgrade.


, Viagra has been looking for the majority of supermarkets and suppliers to provide data services products or platforms. Later that Jingdong, Taobao can solve this problem, but see including Suning stores mode, its ability to sink to the three or four line and the county is not enough. Then the community O2O model looks very good, but "no money involved" chore, still can not solve the fundamental problem from the supply chain. Until recently interviewed the palm of the world COO check nine LAN, palm business model is that I can see the fundamental solution to the supermarket information has been optimized for continuous mode. Here, the palm of the world model as a case to share with you, to see how it is to help the supermarket and suppliers to upgrade the transition.

in a sense, this is not just a case of the transformation of the traditional supermarket, but also the case of supplier upgrades. Because all the world found in the process of solving the palm of the supermarket, the supermarket as long as the change of the upstream supply distribution problem, the industry can solve the biggest pain point.

to help the supermarket to achieve information trading online

said earlier, the reality of the supermarket does exist in the case of a variety of resource consumption. Overall, the supermarket is not the realization of information, can not achieve CR>

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