Wuhan opened the first shop is refers to choose fat and tax experts said the lack of basis for syndr


Wuhan opened the first shop is refers to choose fat and tax experts said the lack of basis for syndr

online shopping is very mature now how to start to want to tax." "Fattened kill again, otherwise the industry would be difficult to survive."......

yesterday (June 28th), a spread Wuhan out the first individual shop tax news, online opposition is significantly higher than the voice of support. Daily economic news reporter rough statistics, there are more than 90% of users believe that the tax is still not ripe for personal online shop.

sources said, Wuhan city tax bureau of the action is just a beginning, then the city of Wuhan will be within the jurisdiction of all Taobao crown above the shop are included in the scope of tax collection and management.

related tax experts on the "daily economic news" reporter said, in China last year, although the provisions of online real name system, but should apply for business license are not mandatory. Yet in a specific way to tax personal network situation, the "lack of basis, and act with undue haste," more analysts refers to the "optional fat syndrome, contrary to the tax law".

IRS Wuhan city

: the shop was tax evasion

, according to local media reports, the day before the Wuhan State Administration of Taxation on the Taobao online called "my one percent" women's shop more than 430 yuan huge tax levy, which will create the domestic tax on individual shop precedent.


grade is divided into love, diamonds, gold crown and crown, and "my one percent" three golden delicious, relatively rare, usually is the mall store size.

Wuhan IRS second inspection bureau, the relevant person in charge yesterday to accept the daily economic news interview admits: we really did not expect to cause so much attention. In this regard, all places are still very cautious, Wuhan is only a relatively large scale of the shop before the imposition of tax."

will expand the scope of the collection, the responsible person, there is no other shop on the tax plan, she further explained: "we are not at all the shop began the expropriation of Taxation, enterprise annual sales reached 100 million yuan, and it was obvious problem of tax evasion."

Wuhan state had previously released data show that the tax of the shop is the women's taobao.com sales champion, credit level reached 3 gold crown, mean total more than 2 million pen transaction, "2010 sales of more than 100 million yuan, the Bureau of the 2010 levy value-added tax, corporate income tax, late fees, a total of 4 million 307 thousand and 900 yuan." Daily economic news reporter yesterday contacted several people in charge of the business of Zhou Qinnian, but the phone has been in a shutdown state.

It is reported that

, opened the first us at the same time, the tax department in Wuhan also interviewed 4 other Taobao gold crown shop, "issued a notice to apply for tax registration and declaration to reach the level of the crown shop, into the collection scope; the crown level following shop not taxed, but to supervision". As of 2010>

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