Micro store to combat illegal cash has been frozen nearly 80 thousand stores


Micro store to combat illegal cash has been frozen nearly 80 thousand stores

credit card cash has been listed as the illegal act, by the relevant departments to crack down, but with the rapid rise of Internet banking, especially in some business platform, because of the low barriers to entry, the transaction process of lax regulation, credit card cash frequently, caused concern. What are the characteristics of the network credit card cash? What is the risk? How to monitor?.

network cash behavior has become the electricity supplier industry

through micro business platform to create false transactions, cash withdrawal process is simple, does not generate fees. There is no fee, do not bother others, they can get." Beijing, a private enterprise staff Ms. Lee said, before I saw a lot of cash "Raiders" micro shop online, just you have opened a micro shop, they want to try.

, according to Ms. Lee introduced, micro store cash is very simple. If you do not shop, simply download a APP, enter the phone number can be registered. After successfully set up shop, upload any commodity photos, to the commodity price, then you can trade, and then through a false transaction to complete the credit card cash.

Lee said that the amount of cash before the same amount of payment, the entire cash process will not produce any costs.

online credit card cash has been classified as illegal by the relevant departments to crack down, but with the rapid development of the electricity supplier transactions, criminals and moving from the crooked brains. Recently, consumers can network through Jingdong cash IOUs, business applications spend chant news caused the market for the electricity supplier industry illegal cash in a new round of concern. Not only that, the behavior of illegal cash through the network is also spread to the micro business areas, but with the pocket shopping, pat micro shop and many other micro shop platform launch, this phenomenon is increasing.

it is understood that the low threshold of the shop has been an important strategy to promote the business of the major micro business platform, and this approach is clearly illegal cash provides some convenience.

, a micro shop shop advocates Ms. introduction, compared to Taobao, Jingdong these platforms, cash flow in the micro business platform is relatively simple and convenient. Ms. Zhang said, if a person is decorated with the buyers and sellers in a dual role, Taobao, Jingdong and other platforms not only through the ID card, photo, mobile phone number, account receivable and a series of audit process, but also in accordance with the requirements of the platform to decorate the store, while the micro business "casually" shop process is relatively simple many. In other platforms, if buyers and businesses conspire to create a false transaction, cash by the merchant, the merchant will charge a certain percentage of commission, while the micro shop does not produce any fees.

illegal cash harm huge

can not control the flow of funds, increase the risk of banking operations, the impact of personal credit records. In fact, credit card cash is a long-standing problem, POS just before the online payment and mobile payment has appeared through the line of POS for a certain threshold, only enterprises and self-employed.

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