Vertical electric providers are in a mess loss is common development by capital control


Vertical electric providers are in a mess loss is common development by capital control

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annual revenues of billions of dollars from the myth of staged, domestic vertical electric business began to decline, some enterprises often capital chain always on tenterhooks next month in order to survive, they even hope that their founded enterprise to sell. "Like the red child like Suning $66 million" vertical ransom "is very rare, and even can be said that the red child may be the last one lucky", the industry says.

vertical electricity supplier in trouble:

The development of

by the capital by

"this year next year the entire electricity supplier will have a large change, now online and offline retail market is not good, the capital market leads to rapid cooling cooling industry, this is a great challenge for practitioners, excellent shopping network chief marketing officer Xu Lei admits it is nearly one or two years of life and death in the electricity supplier.

of course, the development trend of the entire electricity supplier will inevitably affect the downward vertical electricity supplier. According to incomplete statistics, last year the country has nearly 40 vertical electricity supplier to obtain financing 56 billion yuan, including tea, wine, health products, home textiles and footwear, baby underwear, etc.. However, in the first half of this year, the total amount of vertical electricity providers to obtain only 60% of the same period last year, only a total of 10 vertical electricity supplier to get $1 billion 830 million financing.

but on the whole, vertical electric capital is the biggest reason about the plight of the site, small dew point, capital to bet on vertical electric market, demanding enterprise scale, to the scale to attract investors, low prices to attract customers, while ignoring the enterprise to pursue the essence of profit. Now the situation is not good, but also have Wujin purse, stop the transfusion rescue. "This time, then the refinement operators are the enemy but It is all up with" Le Amoy, vice president Chen Hu said.

"but even if the capital pressure of enterprises can not run, I think the capital in the winter is not cold enough, and now some companies are still hard to do scale, this is a terrible thing." Xu Leiru said, "at present, whether or not the capital support, vertical electric providers can not blindly pursue sales, but from the site location, goods efficiency, gross margin and sales into consideration, this point I think excellent purchase or well done."

reporter learned from informed sources, a line of clothing vertical one and a half years although said outside its current operating in good condition, not to consider a new round of financing, and the start-up team dissolved, actually facing enormous pressure on the stock, capital chain tension of the storm, even more discussion after throw things, always no results, no one is willing to recover investment, "as they are now, but hold next year, the capital market is not good, investors also hand tight, good steel should be used wisely, to see prospects for investment will is not shot," this person says.

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