Hu Peibin enterprises are no longer dependent on the transformation of advertising on the journey of


Hu Peibin enterprises are no longer dependent on the transformation of advertising on the journey of

times the electricity supplier of some small ads get in by every opening up, competition crisis, some traditional industries such as moving, cleaning, housekeeping, pipe dredge, lock, etc. these small enterprises also began to network marketing transformation. These enterprises before the traditional magic is in the newspaper, Metro, intersection posted small ads, small ads, and these propaganda effect is also very good, low cost, so that residents need to be able to see a rise to contact us. A dredging pipeline company boss said, now that the traditional model has been gradually eliminated by the north market, coupled with the government of small ads to standardize the management of small advertising space is increasingly losing living space, and now the Internet is so advanced users can find through the network can easily, which makes traditional industries the marketing mode is one disaster after another. The company's business has been greatly affected.

how to get rid of the traditional marketing channels, in the fierce competition in the market to survive is a severe test of these companies face, and network marketing has become the breakthrough of many enterprises, not only reduces the cost of publicity and use of e-commerce marketing, integration of customer resources, another promotion channels, responsible for people praise that through the network marketing company that tasted a lot of sweetness in Foshan City Cleaning Company Limited, a year from their business from a single pipeline dredging and expansion of a number of services from local expanded service market.

forms of advertising have been disgusted now not only affected the city's residents also affects the appearance, although the volume of business can bring for the enterprise, but has damaged the image of the whole industry, still use this traditional form of publicity the company should choose the new channel, such as network. Small and medium enterprises should also take the road of information, but also rely on the traditional form of small advertising companies will be doomed to be eliminated by the market.

is the era of electricity providers such as broken bamboo to replace the small ads

network marketing in order to maximize the cost of the transaction, and promote the advantages of product innovation to replace the small ads. According to IDSEM real name network marketing Hu Peibin understand, in Zhejiang, Guangdong and other coastal developed areas, e-commerce has become an indispensable business tool for many enterprises. More and more enterprises realize that network marketing is the most effective way to get orders. Relying on e-commerce platform to release information of small and medium enterprises are also increasing.

with the rapid development of e-commerce market, small and medium enterprises to use e-commerce to replace the small advertising has been the trend of the trend, such as broken bamboo can not resist. According to the China Electronic Commerce Association, said the market will recognize B2B Chinese in the next few years more than 100% growth, more than 60% of small and medium-sized enterprises have the needs of e-commerce, e-commerce market potential is undoubtedly the irresistible unthinkable.

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