How to locate and product positioning in the domestic B2C mall


How to locate and product positioning in the domestic B2C mall

B2C mechanical and electrical industry in foreign countries are already quite mature, only a year in the United States of mechanical and electrical products online sales of more than 3 billion yuan, in the domestic have just started now for this industry, mechanical and electrical related enterprises is an opportunity, who first grasp this opportunity, will in the future competitive here I briefly talk about a space for one person, and the B2C website initiate and positioning products.

a, site positioning

1, website operation mode: manufacturers to join - the establishment of storage - online sales platform - logistics distribution - after sales service

2, product positioning: mechanical and electrical DIY products, made of professional characteristics of the site, consumers need mechanical and electrical DIY, you can think of us. Finished products should be personalized, can produce a small amount of products; accessories are the opposite.

3, customer group

basic situation: the age of 25-40 years old, the majority of men, more than 90% of computers, avant-garde consumption, there is a certain economic capacity.

engaged in Occupation: business owners, senior managers, professional managers, civil servants, lawyers, etc..

regional distribution: mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Zhejiang.

4: financial consumer behavior, household appliances, automobiles, air tickets, travel, sports related, diet (tea and coffee bar).

the consumer demand personalization, active participation, consumer experience, cultural taste.

4, brand strategy: to create online brands, driven by online brand brand development, brand is a necessary condition of word-of-mouth marketing, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the key factors of B2C success, so you need to plan a good start from the site.

two, product positioning

product positioning strategy is composed of large pre professional subtlety, products and selling products mainly, can increase the complexity of products according to the situation of late.

1, the product type positioning

pre products need to meet the following conditions: product parts standardization, and most of the domestic mechanical and electrical brand products DIY. Product DIY simple operation, consumers can operate. The customer service service is simple, need to return. The convenient transportation, small size, can express, EMS mail (usually the product transportation costs accounted for 10% of the price of the products, special products exception). The consumption of the product market is not too narrow, there must be a certain proportion. The products do not meet the above conditions, it must be difficult to buy the line of professional products.

2, late product type positioning

After the development of the latter part of the

site, in particular, to a certain degree of cooperation to the entity dealer, you can consider some of the large size, complex operation and after-sales service complex products.

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