The cold war thoughts on logistics logistics Jingdong of the mall gap


The cold war thoughts on logistics logistics Jingdong of the mall gap

has always been a high-profile Jingdong mall, behind the scenes is the crisis. From the news media said at the end of 2010, the Jingdong stopped at the most COD services, involving hundreds of city. The original Jingdong COD city has more than and 600, now only 100 to. Although the Jingdong say they want to self logistics, and investment of trunk and feeder transport companies, or the formation of a dry feeder transport fleet, delivery of goods to cope with the pressure of the Jingdong store grow with each passing day. Jingdong can be rich in the pockets of it?

it may be said that Jingdong mall Book funds of not less than 1 billion. As everyone knows, these more than and 10 billion of funds, is the pressure of the supplier's payment. According to media reports, the current Jingdong is likely to have three rounds of financing in the account of all the money burned. For the Jingdong insiders calculations: Jingdong's average gross margin of about 5%, the amount of loss can be accounted for 10% of sales, to the Jingdong in 2010 sales of 10 billion yuan calculation, 2010 Jingdong losses of about 1 billion yuan, according to the Jingdong last year sales of 4 billion yuan, last year losses will not be less than 400 million yuan. Two years of losses of more than $200 million, three rounds of financing all burn.

since there is no sufficient funds, their investment in the construction of logistics center or investment trunk and feeder transport company is the castles in the air. Liu Qiangdong also acknowledged that Jingdong mall logistics and distribution pressure increasing. The Jingdong mall shut down the vast majority of county-level city of COD services, is a precursor to the logistics of Jingdong mall lost. In the future, even Jingdong mall can melt into the capital again, logistics will also be the fatal wound Jingdong mall.

although Jingdong mall in 2010 was 10 billion yuan in sales, its main business camp is still limited to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other economically developed cities. With the deepening of Internet applications, Jingdong business camp has been extended to two cities or cities of grade three. However, if the two cities in the country to establish their own logistics or transport companies, the cost of at least tens of billions. What's more, the profit of the two tier cities is not enough to maintain the operation of the logistics center. Because of this, most B2C sites and third party logistics to complete the distribution.

The mall is closed,

Jingdong most county-level city of COD services, part of the reason is the destruction of these Jingdong self logistics third party express company cooperation mode, the relationship between these enterprises and properly. As we all know, Jingdong mall is relying on digital home appliances started, this type of product is easy to squeeze in the transport process. It is understood that, due to the emergence of a lot of Jingdong products in the distribution of extrusion and other issues, the user refused to accept, and Jingdong mall does not agree to return, many of the third party logistics company in the hands of the backlog of a number of returns. The Spring Festival is the online shopping mall is peak, Jingdong may worry about the third party logistics companies because of the backlog of goods Jingdong did not agree to return, and the seizure of Jingdong loans, so, in the Spring Festival this period of high risk, Jingdong mall simply closed the COD service. But this one

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